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With summer being officially over and us finally approaching my favourite season, autumn, I also decided to step up my fitness game again. I’m more motivated than ever to slay in the gym and work on becoming the best version of myself. At the moment, my life is rather stressful and chaotic, with me starting my very first ever real job (but more on that soon). However, I try to incorporate a regular fitness routine into my week so I can stay active, fit and become stronger.

And strong is the keyword. A couple of days ago I visited parts of the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum (I kid you not) and tried to do pull ups on the bar he trained on as a teenager. I didn’t even manage to do one. Embarrassing, I know. Additionally, I’m now spending 8 hours in an office every day and definitely feel like I need to move my body when I’m off work in order to stay healthy.

I’ve started incorporating fitness more and more in my postings on Instagram and a lot of you guys told me that you find that amazing. I got so many questions regarding my routine, workout playlist and how I stay motivated. So that’s why for today’s post I decided to share my workout playlist with you guys.

I’ll try to keep it up to date and fill it with new music regularly, so follow along on Spotify if you wish ;)

My Workout Playlist

So there it is, my workout playlist. It’s a mixture of upbeat pop songs and happy tunes for doing cardio and killer hip hop vibes and powerful rap songs for when I’m doing weights. I find that mix really helps me power through my workouts and give my best. However, I’m still trying to expand the playlist as, at this moment, it still is rather short.

What’s on your workout playlist? I’d love to hear your power songs and motivation boosters in the comments below :)


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