How to get back on track after a really bad slump

I think it’s no secret that I’ve been in a rather long unproductive phase and pretty much M.I.A. on the blog this summer. I’m back, however, and more motivated than ever to take Miss Getaway into a direction that I had always desired for it to be in. I already talked about this, but with not having the pressure to pay my bills through sponsored posts on the blog I feel so liberated to actually post what I personally want to create. Of course, it’s still important for me to fit your needs and wishes. But in the end, this is my personal online space and should not follow any trends for clicks but rather explore the unique experience of me.

But anyway, let’s talk about getting back on track after having a really bad slump

Something I do take pride in is my organizational talent. I’m the master of to-do lists and when I’m on top of my game will always get my tasks done perfectly fine and on time. Problem is, my mental health greatly influences my productivity and will push me into a dark corner, where I’ll sulk around for days and literally get nothing done. I finally managed to drag myself out of that place, however, and now want to share my experience with you guys.

6 techniques that will help anyone out off an unproductive phase


For me, being in an unproductive phase usually correlates with my mental health. The more I worry, the less I get done. And the less I get done, the more I worry. What helps me, though, is grabbing an empty sheet of paper (or my bullet journal) and write down everything that goes through my head. The good and the bad. The fun and the ugly. It all goes on that list. Be that the little things, such as “buy groceries” or even “make a list of things that worry you”, it all goes on said paper.


Now comes the fun part. You gotta order all the things that you just wrote down into lists. I tend to do a priority list and one with small tasks that I can do more easily. Crossing off things from my list makes me feel so productive and will lead to me slowly creeping out of that bad place of unproductive behaviour. Sort it all out and if you love lists as much as I do, you’ll feel so much better afterwards.


For real, though. Take a day off from not only work but also worrying. You can do your favourite things on that day but no worrying about the giant list you compiled in steps one and two. Simply enjoy life. Go to the cinema, hike that mountain, be free for one day. What recently worked really well for me was a sunset run up the hill, reading a book in the sun and cleaning my flat on a slow Sunday morning, as well as meeting my good friend Lisa for a chat and openly talking about my mental health.


I find the right music to be so motivating when I need to get back on track after an unproductive phase. I love background music, slow piano sounds and beautiful acoustic versions of my favourite songs to concentrate. If you want to rock on to Five Finger Death Punch or scream your lungs out while listening to Disney tunes, go ahead. It will be so liberating. » Find my favourite Sunday morning playlist here. 

CHANGE OF SCENERY: Make sure to leave your house at least once a day

Ever since I started working in an office, I found it even harder than before to work on the blog at home. It has become my work-free zone and whenever I opened my laptop I found myself browsing rather than working. And I think that’s because my mind has created this imaginary line between work and home and I just cannot work from home anymore now. That’s why I like to grab my MacBook and head into my favourite coffee shop to work a bit in the evenings. Also, I find that when I’m in an unproductive phase I tend to lock myself into my flat and not leave the house. You should make sure to venture out at least once a day, even if it’s just to go to the supermarket to buy chocolate.


I mean, duh. Can you compile a productivity list without mentioning beautiful stationery? I certainly don’t think so, eh. I just love me a nice weekly planner, pretty to-do lists and gorgeous markers and liners. That’s just who I am and you might just need a spare piece of paper and an old pen to work your ass off – I need my order and beauty to get on working. I recently received this beautiful planner and to-do list from Jo&Judy*, one of my all-time favourite brands for all things office and organization and have been loving to schedule my life again.

What tipps and tricks do you have to get out of an unproductive phase? Let’s talk work in the comments below!

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