Support your local girl gang – on the power of female friendship

In times when slogans such as #girlpower and “support your local girl gang” have become your everyday mantra on the internet, not being a girl’s girl can feel particularly lonely. Instagram is a bitch. We all know that. And seeing all those #squadgoals can make you feel insignificant and unsure about the female friendship you know.

I have never been a girl’s girl …

and usually feel so much more comfortable starting a conversation with men, rather than women. Truth is, female friendship intimidates me. And I’ve always wondered how the others do it. All those beautiful friendship pictures online. All those stories of support and help. Those tales of love, trust and supporting each other. It seemed unrealistic and unreachable for me.

Then I did realize, though, that this isn’t real life. It is curated content, staged for the world to see. Those two girls at the beach might not even like each other very much. They might not tell each other secrets and just hang out for the liked. What is more, the way their friendship is built does not have anything to do with how I approach female friendship. And I started thinking about the women in my life and the fact whether I can really say that I am “no girl’s girl”.


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So here’s to the women in my life. May you continue to inspire me and lift me up when I fall. May I leave a forever lasting impact on your lives, as you do in mine. May we rise by lifting others.

… the older sister friend

… the old friend

… the new friend

…. the one that comes in waves

… the style-twin

… the online friend

… the flaky friend

… the one that has it all figured out

… the one lifting you up

… and the one keeping you grounded

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. And it is up to us what we make of it. I strongly believe that each and every person steps in your life for a purpose and can teach you a valuable lesson if you let them.

There’s the friend that you used to be so close to but suddenly lose touch with. When you do meet up again, though, you can pick your friendship right up where you let go. There’s the new friend that feels like a new crush, someone you want to get to know better and gush to your older friends about. There’s the one you call at midnight when you giddily walk home after a first date. Also, the one you never really see again because you live in different towns but talk to on the net daily. And let’s not forget about the internet friends. The ones we share likes with and retweet continuously. The ones we call after a rough work day for a nice gin and tonic. And the ones that only stay in your life for a short amount of time.

So here’s to all the incredible women in my life. Even the ones who I do not know but visit my blog and feel like they can console in my worries and struggles through following silently, be it on social media or the blog. You rock!

One last thing: this post is targeted and aimed at female friendship. I do want to emphasize on the amazing friendships I have come to build with the men in my life as well. You rock too! Especially if you support women, rather than looking down on them!

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