A night at The Harmonie Vienna

INVITATION | There are three things I look for in a hotel for a quick city break. The most important is the bed. It must big, comfortable and provide me with a good sleep after a night out and a busy day ahead. The second is the breakfast buffet. Here I aim for healthy options that fuel me with energy and a lovely atmosphere to start the day. And last but most definitely not least, is the location. And the Harmonie Vienna boutique hotel ticked off every box on that list with ease.

The Harmonie Vienna: The hotel that marches to a different tune

When we arrived in Vienna and finally found our way to the hotel – after chatting too much and missing our exit in the bus – we were welcomed by a really lovely lady at the lobby and immediately invited to join the afternoon tea and cake, which we, of course, couldn’t say no to. So after a scrumptious apple pie and coffee, we finally went up to check into our room and change for the night.

My friend and I were booked into a gorgeous and really spacious room. This was especially practical as we both had loads of clothes and makeup with us to get ready for the night at the Madonna Blogger Award I was nominated in. Upon arrival in the room, we immediately felt at home. When we left for the night the concierge was so nice and called a cab for us and when we arrived back home after a night of partying they welcomed us with a hearty smile.

The breakftast buffet

The next morning, at breakfast, I had was eagerly snapping pictures of the buffet and had a browse at the additional menu only to be told off from using my phone in the room. Hence the lack of breakfast pictures – sorry. The breakfast itself was amazing, though. As I do not consume any milk products I always fear having to drink my coffee black when in hotels. The Harmonie Vienna, however, luckily provided soy milk upon request and even had a soy yoghurt waiting at the counter for me to eat with fruits and muesli.

As for the location of the Harmonie Vienna:

I’ve been to Vienna a couple of times already and do know my way around. The hotel is tucked away in a lovely little corner and hidden from all the buzz and rush of the city – something I personally did love. From there you can easily access the busses, trams and subway stations and the area around the hotel is quite beautiful to explore by foot too. We also found various supermarkets and drug stores around the corner, which is perfect if you forget to bring toothpaste – like we did.

The art of dancing

The hotel and the rooms were all held in a lovely warm mix of red, brown and white color and outfitted with bits and pieces that showed off the dance theme all over the place. The head of every bed in the hotel is equipped with a gorgeous painting I did not understand at first. Upon research, I discovered that these pieces of art were created by Luis Casanova Sorolla and display dance movements captured on paper. So cool!

Another beautiful addition is their lounge area, equipped with a library, various newspapers and a fireplace that invited to chill and relax. I must admit that over the years of traveling I have come to prefer smaller boutique hotels to big chains, as they have so much more personality and creativity hidden beneath the walls. And the Harmonie Vienna most certainly made it on my top list of hotels here in austria.

What I liked:
  • The bed! I honestly have never slept better in any hotel bed before. The pillows were incredibly comfortable and the bed immediately made me fall asleep like a princess.
  • The ironing board and iron – how practical is that!
  • The Viennese elegance and charm all over the place
  • The organic, regional and healthy breakfast buffet
What I disliked:
  • The hair dryer – that somehow always is an issue in hotels, no matter how good they are
  • The staff member that told me off because I was snapping pictures at the breakfast buffet – umm, yeah.


Harmoniegasse 5-7
1090 Wien
Mail: welcome@harmonie-vienna.at
Tel.: +43 1 3176604


Big thank you to the team at The Harmonie Vienna for hosting me and my friend on this special night.  The opinion expressed in this post is, as always, 100% my own! 

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