Taking some time off at Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf


I’m not going to pretend otherwise on here: life’s pretty busy for me at the moment. And by that, I do not necessarily mean that I’m on the go 24/7. It’s more my brain that is cluttered and crowded with decisions to take, problems to fix and lots of change ahead. That is why I was looking forward so much to my little weekend getaway to Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf. Two days of nothing but chill, eat and bathe – sounds dreamy, right? 

Taking the weekend off at Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf

When I got invited to try and test the newly re-opened Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf hotel, I simply could not say no. I’ve never been to Loipersdorf before and desperately wanted to go as it’s only about 45 minutes from Graz and literally everyone’s raving about the place. So last weekend I packed my bags, hopped into the car and headed en route Loipersdorf to enjoy two nights of pure relaxation.

We decided to also celebrate Lisa’s 26th birthday in Loipersdorf. When we arrived at the hotel it was already pitch black out but we still marvelled at the gorgeous and airy lobby of the hotel. Once we checked-in and brought our bags to the room, we headed right into the spa area “Schaffelbad” and took a dip before heading to dinner. That evening we took dinner at the restaurant in the spa, as this way we could make the most out of the late-wellness action. Each Friday you can bathe and sauna until 11 p-m at Loipersdorf. I must say I really enjoyed this offer! After we quickly got dressed and headed to the hotel bar for some Moscow Mules!

FUN TIMES, but not very relaxing I must say.

Accommodation: The Premium Deluxe Double Room

The next day, started off pretty amazing. I woke up around 6 am from the sun shining through the windows of our huge and gorgeous room. Something I utterly love is wooden furniture, as it makes the whole experience so much more comfortable and cosy. And the room we were given at the Das Sonnreich was superb in that way. It was super big (maybe even too big for two people) and beautifully furnished.

The bed was incredibly comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that I fell asleep again right after I came back from a little autumn walk. The shower was huge and lovely as well. The only thing I might have to criticise was the hair dryer, which wasn’t that good. Even with my short hair, I’m in dire need of good equipment if I do not want to take forever getting ready and the dryer here didn’t really help with that, to be honest.

The food: regional, seasonal and delicious

After a lovely day of relaxing, we headed to the dinner, which was supplied in a buffet form. I must admit that (apart from breakfast) I’m not a fan of buffets as people always tend to freak and put loads on their dishes, ugh! The food itself, however, was absolutely delicious. We ate at various places at Das Sonnreich so let’s break this up a bit, shall we:

THE BREAKFAST BUFFET: Breakfast at Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf was lovely. It had everything you could need and more. The only thing I didn’t like that much was the fact that coffee came from a machine that you had to use yourself. This led to a huge line in front of the coffee maker in the morning, which agitated me loads. I need my coffee fix asap and do not want to wait in line for my espresso. Otherwise, everything was SO GOOD. They even had fresh salmon and delicious sweet treats.

LUNCH AT THE MARKTRESTAURANT AT THERME LOIPERSDORF: As we spent the day at the spa, we decided to also have lunch there. We opted for salads, fries, cake and drinks and were not disappointed. Probably also one of the best food places I’ve ever been to when it comes to spa-days. So good! Especially the Zotter mousse au chocolate had me swooning.

DINNER TIME AT DAS SONNREICH LOIPERSDORF: Dinner was so good, too! I’ve had pumpkin soup one day and roasted veggies with salmon the other day and hugely enjoyed both. Also, I think the newly renovated restaurant at the hotel was beautiful! I’m so done with white table clothes being thrown over every table so the wooden featured here were very welcome to me.

The treatment: Transpersonal sound treatment according to Dr. Kölb

Sunday morning I was invited to try out something I had never experienced before: the transpersonal sound treatment. At first, I was curious but also sceptical. Would that be my thing? Will I be comfortable? After having made awful experiences at hotel spa’s I’m always rather anxious before entering the wellness area. Once the woman at the front desk greeted me and told me about my treatment, I was able to relax though.

What is the transpersonal sound treatment? 

“A holistic healing method of energy medicine, which is particularly psychosomatic. In addition to the monochord, Tibetan sound shells, gongs, drums, as well as shamanic elements are used. Since this sound treatment is tailored to you personally, your concerns and needs are the focus of the pre and post discussion.”

And I must admit, it felt absolutely amazing! The 70 minutes flew by and I up to this day I do not fully know if I had been asleep or fully conscious. The music that the woman played was absolutely beautiful to listen to and I felt like, for the first time in weeks, I was able to fully and completely let go of everything and be present simply in the moment.

I was told that it would affect my thought process even after the treatment and I experienced exactly that. This past week I have been so chill and not concerned at all by the problems present in my life. Let’s hope this feeling will last a little longer now.

Enjoying a cosy and chill autumn weekend at Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf

For the first time ever, I decided to really take it slow this weekend. I scheduled no hotel tour, did not go down into the spa with my camera or walk around shooting various outfits in the beautiful scenery. I simply wanted to enjoy the weekend and take some snaps along the way.

At first, I felt bad about it. I was there on an invitation and do take my job pretty seriously. However, I also knew I needed this more than anything else and so it felt like the right choice to rather enjoy and chill, than work while staying at Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf.

I can dearly recommend this hotel, though. The staff was super friendly. The newly designed rooms were beautiful, cosy and spacious. The spa area was fine and the area around the hotel inviting for strolls through nature. Living in the city, I just need to get out and feel the fresh air all the time. And this weekend was so nice to me.


What do you think about this hotel? Have you watched my Instagram stories while I was there? Have you ever tried a treatment like this? And what do you do to escape your worries and thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments below!

A very special thank you to the Das Sonnreich Loipersdorf team and Christine for welcoming Miss Getaway as a guest and treating me so well. The opinion expressed in this post is, as always, 100% my own! 

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