Why we should stop judging others in 2018

If there is one thing I have learned in 2017 it is that one shall never judge other people’s actions if you only know a small fraction of their lives. There hardly ever is a simple solution and answer to what they are going through and what you are seeing might deviate in so many ways from what actually is going on.

Say you hear your distant friend Eve is dating a new guy and he’s the ex-boyfriend of her best friend or something. Isn’t it easy to judge? Oh, what a bad girl she has to be. Or your colleague falls in love with her best friend. Bless her, she’s about to sin. Influencer X starts postings pictures in a bra. She must be desperate for attention because that guy dumped her two months ago.

In the end, we never know the full story. Period!

What you see is only ever a fraction of the entire story. You might think you know someone because they share their lives on social media. But in reality, you don’t. You don’t see them crying at night, helplessly searching for a friend amidst the superficial and shallow depths of the society they placed themselves in. You do not hear about the sick mother that needs to be cared for or the heartache that followed after falling in love with the wrong person.

So can we make 2018 the year of trying to quit judging others?

I know it is hard. Because we love to gossip, don’t we? There’s nothing as thrilling as to hearing who is about to go down on whom and talking shit to your girlfriends about Emma from HR gaining a ton of weight. We see a new colleague meet another colleague after work and immediately spread the rumor about them dating. Friendship is not an option. It never is. But that puts anyone in a difficult situation and judging others never makes your own life better, does it?

It’s never as black and white as it appears to be for the eyes of the spectator. The human mind is twisted and layered, only showing the bits and pieces we want others to see.


Here’s my plead

Can we not focus on ourselves in 2018? Can we stop creating fake accounts on Instagram to take down others in order to feel better about ourselves? Can we work on our own relationships and goals, rather than trying to tear others down for pursuing what sets their soul on fire?

Can we all just be a little nicer to each other in 2018?

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