An Unexpected Hair Care Hero

As a gal with really sensitive skin, I spend a good chunk of time searching for products that add the body and texture that I dream of to my hair, while still being gentle on my scalp. I find most products either give me awesome volume but dandruff or get rid…

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April Lust List:

Eating out

Edinburgh Food Guide

If there’s one thing I’m really good at,  it’s probably always finding the best food spots around town. Be it at home, or in a far away destination – you can always count on me when it comes to finding yummy treats and delicious restaurants. In Edinburgh, it wasn’t much different.…

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Travel Guides

36 Hours in Edinburgh, Scotland

You might have realized a little bit of a radio silence on here the past week. That’s because, apart from writing two exams, I celebrated my 23rd birthday on Thursday and then took up en route Edinburgh for the weekend. We spent three days – that were in total sadly…

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