Picture or it didn’t happen

“Picture or it didn’t happen” is a phrase that sneaked its way into my subconscious without me ever really uttering it. It’s not just something that you tell your good friend after she’s been meeting a hot new guy – it’s a lifestyle. Over the past couple of years my…

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Blogging & Productivity

Morning Routine – Working from Home

Rise and Shine! (But first… coffee!!)  I’m a morning person through and through. There’s something just so calming about knowing that you’re up early and ready to tackle the day. Therefore, I’ve always emphasized the value of a long and productive morning. However, with me working from home most days…

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Spring Wishin’

Long time no wishlist, right? I’ve done quite some (online) window shopping the past few days and collected my favourites in a huge spring wishlist for you guys. I do love sharing some lovely fashion picks from time to time, even though I’m trying to cut down in spending money…

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Sunday Chat

What I want to DO with my life

So, last week’s Sunday Chat was all about dreaming big and seemed to have appealed to a lot of you. I never got so many private messages and compliments on a column before – thank you very much for the flowers. For today’s column I though it’d be only fitting…

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