Reading Lately + What’s on my TBR

Reading Lately + What’s on my TBR

Time to catch up on the reading front, isn’t it? This year, reading is going surprisingly well for me. It seems I’ve gotten my mojo back and am currently racing through my reading challenge of 50 books for 2017. Additionally, I’ve read some pretty good stories lately and I thought I’d share them with you, as well as give you a little sneak peek into my TBR for the upcoming months. 

Summer is a great time for reading but I’m totally looking forward to autumn where it’s even more inviting to just snuggle up with a blanket and a good book. Recently I’ve deleted my whole TBR shelf on Goodreads and decided to try to come up with a new one, as the old one was 200 books long and filled with stories I had no desire in reading anymore after a couple of years of them being listed on there. But let’s start with the books I’ve been reading so far this summer.

What I’ve been reading lately

MODERN ROMANCE by Aziz Ansari: A witty and clever insight into modern-day dating world with statistics about marriage, online dating, monogamy and the love lives of young people from all over the world in a digital age. I picked this up because I saw some of my Goodreads friends raving about it and thought it might be interesting to learn more about love in nowadays society. Admittedly, many things are specifically referring to young Americans and might be different for us Europeans. Still, I found it quite entertaining and educating. 4/5 stars

THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas: THUG has been on my TBR for ages and I finally picked it up when the hardback of it was only 4€ on Amazon. The YA novel revolves around the Black Lives Matter movement and focuses on racism in the US and the various problems it comes with. I found this so upsetting to read and follow, it kept enraging me and made me realize how much inequality there still is. Such a good and easy read, do pick it up! 4.5/5 stars

BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty: I’ve already read Truly Madly Deeply by Moriarty and absolutely adored her writing style and way of building up suspension then. That’s why I was eager to pick up Big Little Lies as well (also because I finally wanted to watch the TV show). And I was absolutely digging this read from page one. The story telling is brilliant, the character building is rich and thought through, it’s a suspending read and I had absolutely no clue about what happened until they resolved it at the end. 5/5 stars

ALL GROWN UP by Jamie Attenberg: I’ve seen so many people rave about this and let me tell you, I was so disappointed. I did not connect with the writing style at all and had a hard time following the protagonist’s way of thinking throughout the entire book. Maybe it’s because I’m just so different and connect with the problems of a 40 year old single woman living in New York. I hardly ever feel like I have to drag myself through a book but with this, it just didn’t click. 2/5 stars

What’s on my TBR as of now

BURNED by Ellen Hopkins: It all started with a dream. Nothing exceptional, just a typical fantasy about a boy, the kind of dream that most teen girls experience. But Pattyn Von Stratten is not like most teen girls. Raised in a religious — yet abusive — family, a simple dream may not be exactly a sin, but it could be the first step toward hell and eternal damnation. This dream is a first step for Pattyn. But is it to hell or to a better life? In this riveting and masterful novel told in verse, Ellen Hopkins takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride. From the highs of true love to the lows of abuse, Pattyn’s story will have readers engrossed until the very last word.

THE DINNER by Herman Koch: A summer’s evening in Amsterdam and two couples meet at a fashionable restaurant. Between mouthfuls of food and over the delicate scraping of cutlery, the conversation remains a gentle hum of politeness – the banality of work, the triviality of holidays. But the empty words hide a terrible conflict and, with every forced smile and every new course, the knives are being sharpened… Each couple has a fifteen-year-old son. Together, the boys have committed a horrifying act, caught on camera, and their grainy images have been beamed into living rooms across the nation; despite a police manhunt, the boys remain unidentified – by everyone except their parents.

HOW TO STOP TIME by Haig Matt: Tom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year-old, but owing to a rare condition, he’s been alive for centuries. From Elizabethan England to Jazz Age Paris, from New York to the South Seas, Tom has seen a lot, and now craves an ordinary life. How to Stop Time is a wild and bittersweet story about losing and finding yourself, about the certainty of change and about the lifetimes it can take to really learn how to live.

STAY WITH ME by Ayobami AdebayoYejide and Akin have been married since they met and fell in love at university. Though many expected Akin to take several wives, he and Yejide have always agreed: polygamy is not for them. But four years into their marriage–after consulting fertility doctors and healers, trying strange teas and unlikely cures–Yejide is still not pregnant. She assumes she still has time–until her family arrives on her doorstep with a young woman they introduce as Akin’s second wife. Furious, shocked, and livid with jealousy, Yejide knows the only way to save her marriage is to get pregnant, which, finally, she does, but at a cost far greater than she could have dared to imagine. An electrifying novel of enormous emotional power, Stay With Measks how much we can sacrifice for the sake of family.


What are you currently reading? And in what season do you like reading most? I’m really curious so discuss in the comments below?

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  1. 30th July 2017 / 4:06 pm

    Hi! I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like but some of these books sound amazing. I’m looking forward to reading The Hate U Give as my first foray into reading. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • 30th July 2017 / 6:07 pm

      Oh do enjoy that book, it’s really good x

  2. 30th July 2017 / 5:54 pm

    So many amazing books listed here. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of Big Little Lies, so many people say great things about it. Love these kinds of posts!

    • 30th July 2017 / 6:08 pm

      It’s an amazing book. I’m sure you’re going to love it x

  3. 30th July 2017 / 8:40 pm

    All of the books you mentioned sound amazing. I’ll definitely check them out the next time I’m in bookstore. I love to read so much and it’s definitely my favorite way to relax and escape. I definitely think that I read the most in Summer as I have lot of free time. I’m currently reading Paper Towns by John Green. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • 31st July 2017 / 8:06 am

      Oh I really liked Paper Towns, John Green is such a good YA author! Have fun reading that book :)

  4. 30th July 2017 / 8:42 pm

    Ich komme zurzeit einfach viel zu selten zum lesen… aber einiger der Bücher hören sich ganz interessant an. :)
    Muss ich mir unbedingt merken.
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntag Abend!
    Liebste Grüße Tamara

  5. 31st July 2017 / 1:34 pm

    The Hate U Give has been on my Goodreads TBR for so long now! And I’ve just started watching Big Little Lies so I’m curious to read the book, too!

    • 1st August 2017 / 8:09 pm

      Oh definitely read the book. There are some things missing in the series that I loved in the book ;)

  6. 3rd August 2017 / 3:13 pm

    ich lese unheimlich gerne u zwar am liebsten liebesgeschichten – das buch stay with me hört sich aber super interessant an! alleine der kurz inhalt war schon voll fesselnd – werde ich mir mal näher anschauen!
    glg katy

    • 4th August 2017 / 7:08 pm

      Das hab ich mir heute sogar gekauft . ich finde das klingt wirklich super. Freu mich wenn du mir Feedback gibst falls du es dir holst ;)

  7. 3rd August 2017 / 9:57 pm

    Ich lese auch unheimlich gerne und viel, vor allem jetzt im Sommer draußen im Garten. Am liebsten lese ich Thriller und Komödien. Kerstin Gier mag ich ganz gerne und meine liebste Schriftstellerin ist Karen Slaughter, kann ich wirklich nur empfehlen. :) Von deinen vorgestellten Büchern kannte ich noch gar keines, hören sich aber sehr interessant an.
    Liebe Grüße

    • 4th August 2017 / 7:07 pm

      Oh Kerstin Gier hab ich früher unheimlich gerne gelesen. Da sollte ich mir definitiv wieder mal ein Buch anschauen – danke für den Reminder ;9

  8. 21st August 2017 / 12:06 pm

    I was thinking about picking up Modern Romance after I read Amy Poehler’s book ’cause I love the whole Parks and Rec cast, but to be honest I’ve kinda been putting it off because I’m already so skeptical about modern romance/dating that I feel like if I read it, it might just make things worse! haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • 22nd August 2017 / 1:58 pm

      Do read the book though – it pointed out so many positive things about modern romance/dating that I never though of!

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