It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

ADVERTISEMENT | They say the devil is in the detail. Same applies to life. It’s not the big steps that make it so interesting. Rather, it’s the little things that make every day worthwhile and can turn every second into the best one of your life. Here’s to celebrating the little things and making a place for embracing small details, rather than focusing on the big whole all the time. 

Talking about my big love for the new nespresso essenza mini and why it's usually the little things that make life worthwhile. Click to find out more about this reasonably priced machine and a couple of things that make me happy.
Talking about my big love for the new nespresso essenza mini and why it's usually the little things that make life worthwhile. Click to find out more about this reasonably priced machine and a couple of things that make me happy.

Celebrating the little things

The new Nespresso Essenza Mini

So two weeks ago Nespresso surprised me with a brilliant new machine, that perfectly fits not only my flat but also my current state of mind. The new Essenza Mini is a small and gorgeous piece of machinery, fits into the even the tiniest corner but still does not lose its ability to create a delicious coffee that comes with not only a fantastic crema but also that bliss you get when taking your first sip of caffeine in the morning.

I’ve asked you guys where to place it on my Instagram stories last week and the bookshelf was a clear runner-upper. I must admit, it has been my favourite from the beginning too. The kitchen might be way more practical, yes. But my flat is small and the kitchen even tinier. I’m super grateful for the added space that the lack of a Nespresso machine gives me now on my kitchen counter. Plus, having the Essenza Mini in reach right after getting up from bed is literally the best thing ever for a fast kickstart and the ability to sleep a little longer during the week. Additionally, it has proven very practical in getting my coffee fix while reading in bed on a slow Sunday morning.

Nespresso’s smallest machine for big coffee moments

I’m utterly grateful to be working with Nespresso on this campaign again. Not only are they one of my favourite brands, providing me with caffeine not only at home but also at the office and my parents’ place. They also created this fantastic small machine that makes it super handy to place it in various areas in the flat and even hide it amongst books – as I did. It doesn’t take up much space and just like everything in life, is one of those little things that make it worthwhile. I seriously adore the design and find it perfectly fits my personal style and the small flat. Space is holy for me as there is not much to spare in a studio apartment as small as mine, so I’m always happy about finding compromises that make me happy and look good. Another BIG plus in my books is its price of roughly 100€, which is absolutely reasonable, and makes it the perfect pick for students I think. And coffee is essential for me – I think that much is clear for everyone around here.


It’s all about the little things in life …

+ That first sip of coffee in the morning

+ Waking up from the sun shining into your room, no alarm needed

+ Hearing someone say that they’re proud of you

+ The first bite of an insanely good cake

+ The feeling after a good workout

+ Being smiled at by passersby on the streets

+ Listening to an old song and remembering all the memories

+ Not having to deal with responsibilities all day

+ A kickass playlist

+ Laying down in the grass and reading a nice book, while feeling the sun on your skin

+ Cuddles and waking up to that special person

+ Coming into the office in the morning and hearing the familiar buzz of the Nespresso machine

+ Petting any animal ever. Or simply seeing a dog on the streets to be quiet honest

+ Having a stranger tell you that you look good today

+ Receiving a Whatsapp from your granny wishing you a lovely weekend

+ Seeing the sparkle in the eyes of someone you love

+ Coffee dates and long chats with friends

+ The first batch of roasted chestnuts in autumn

+ Reading a new book and falling head over heels in love

+ Being congratulated on your work or simply told that you’re doing fine/okay

+ Waking up and feeling good in your own skin

+ Coffee in bed on a slow Sunday morning

+ Long voice messages with friends

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about the little things that make you happy in the comments below.

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  1. Merle
    4th October 2017 / 1:53 pm

    Ich mag ja überhaupt keinen Kaffee, deshalb wäre so eine Maschine bei mir hoffnungslos verloren :D Aber es stimmt, die kleinen Dinge machen den Unterschied. Die Neuerscheinung des Lieblingsautors, das Laufen im herbstlichen Wald oder die Stille an kalten Wintermorgen und vor allem dieser eine Mensch machen das Leben so viel Liebens- und lebenswerter!
    Liebe Grüße,

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:21 pm

      wow wie spannend – ich liebe kaffee, aber das weiß man glaub ich eh :D
      Oh das mit dem Buch kann ich nur unterschreiben und herbstliche Waldspaziergänge sind ein traum. x

  2. 4th October 2017 / 9:35 pm

    Oh ich habe die Maschine erst gestern im Schaufenster gesehen…in weiß…ich glaube das war dasselbe Modell. So so schön :) Und vor allem so klein! Ein Träumten. Und Kaffee-Momente…das sind die besten und hellen jeden noch so grauen Tag auf. Ohne Kaffee wäre wirklich furchtbar.
    Sending you love,
    xx Ronja

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:20 pm

      oh ja die kleine ist wirklich toll. so praktisch weil sie wirklich überall hinpasst und funktioniert natürlich wie immer einwandfrei. Ich bin bei meiner kleinen Wohnung wirklich froh über die neue x

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:20 pm

      wow, das kann ich mir überhaupt nicht vorstellen!

  3. 6th October 2017 / 2:49 pm

    Meine Liebe,
    ich bin ja auch so ein Kaffeefreund wie du und auch ein Nespressoliebhaber der ersten Stunde… Momentan stehen sogar auch zwei Maschinen bei mir herum, weil die eine eigentlich den Geist aufgegeben hatte, aber siehe da nach zwei Monaten, möchte sie auf einmal wieder arbeiten ;) Ich finde du hast schon viele tolle kleine Momente aufgeschrieben, die einen glücklich machen. Für mich ist es auch vor allem die Sonne, die mich direkt glücklich in den Tag starten lässt, ein freudiges Schwanzwedeln meiner kleinen oder wenn mein Patenkind mich anlacht…
    Hab ein schönes Wochenende*
    Liebst Kathi

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:19 pm

      oh danke für dein liebes Kommentar Kathi.
      Ich musste lachen weil bei mir einfach jeder eine Nespresso hat – mittlerweile sogar schon meine Oma weil ich alle damit beschenke haha
      aber ich finde die einfach so praktisch und der Kaffee ist richtig richtig gut für homebrew ;)

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:18 pm

      thank you so much for your kind words natalie x

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:18 pm

      absolutely. it’s often the smallest things that surprise us the most x

  4. 8th October 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Great post, love all your pictures, and the coffee looks delicious!

    Greetings from New York.

    • 8th October 2017 / 9:18 pm

      thank you so much x

  5. 11th October 2017 / 1:12 pm

    Girl I LOVED this post; couldn’t agree more about the little things in life that are important/make you happy! I love a good cup of coffee in the morning to get the day started!

    Hayley xo

    • 16th October 2017 / 10:06 pm

      A fresh cuppa in the morning is just the best, isn’t it x

  6. 12th October 2017 / 12:00 pm

    It’s so small! That would have been perfect for my first apartment. But you are so right with this post, we should focus more on those little things xx

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

    • 16th October 2017 / 10:05 pm

      Yes I’m sure it would indeed have been perfect !

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