My tattoos and why I got them

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have my body covered in tattoos. I wanted to have quotes that moved me. Symbols that remind me of a certain time in my life when I felt a certain way. I wanted to turn my body into a blank canvas, only waiting for the right time to get finished and painted in delicate ways. A bit here. A bit there. Until it forms a masterpiece at the end of my days, telling more than just a story in scars but also reflecting who I am (and had been) in pictures. 

My tattoos: why I got them and what they mean

The only reason why I’m not covered in more tattoos, than I am right now, is that I am very cheap. I’m always super hesitant when it comes to spending loads of money on non-tangible things and reluctant when it comes to trusting an artist to cover my body with the imagery that I imagined in my head. I think it’s important to trust an artist and give them a chance to bring in their personality into their work as well, all the while the tattoo still reflecting *you*.

At the moment, I do have six tattoos spread across my body. One on my right arm, one on the left. One on my hip and one on my heel. Two delicately placed on both sides of my ribs. What I particularly love, is that when I’m standing in front of the mirror in only a bra and panties, I cannot see a single one of them. I do know they are there, though. And that gives me comfort. I look at them in awe, even after all these years (I got my first one at the age of 17) and want to change only one (which I did to myself in a moment of sheer insanity).

I’ve never shared any of them on social media or the blog before, simply because they are private and I did not get them in order to fancy up my pictures or whatever. They are  my very own symbol of owning my body and painting it the way I like, not caring about the opinion of anyone out there. The first glimpse I bared was in THIS post and I’ve been receiving questions and messages ever since. That is why I decided to finally step out of the dark and make that part of myself a topic on the blog as well. Especially because i finally found the courage to start the masterpiece that is my own body of art.

So let’s get into detail

#1 “Believe in your dreams”: Something I always want and need to be reminded of. In a curve placed on my right ribs, bending slightly under my breast.

#2 “Star”: Something I want to get covered up within the next couple of months but yet need to work out the details of how to do it best. I gave myself this tattoo on the right hip with a pair of compasses and ink when I was a drunk teenager and it certainly looks the part. Not very pretty – yet.

#3 Trees: I spontaneously got the three trees on my right Achilles heel at the Jägermeister event back in autumn – wanted to get exactly this tattoo anyways for the longest time, though. They symbolize my home, my parents, and brother and always remind me of what matters in the end: staying rooted.

#4 “Epeolatry”: Literally translates into “the worship of words”. I think no word can better capture my passion and personality better. Written in a typewriter font and placed on my right arm, the one I write and type with.

#5 Woman: A symbol of owning my own body, of embracing my feminity and highlighting the art that is the female body. More or less, something I wanted to have because I liked how it looked on my arm. Plus it gives me major feminist vibes.

#6 Flower-moon: Sadly not in any picture because it’s not fully healed yet and hard to photograph without flashing the net. However, I recently got a half moon shaped flower bouquet on my right ribs, similarly curved to the “believe in your dreams” tattoo and absolutely adore it. No meaning here, other than it looks beautiful to me. Once I find a way to photograph it, I’m sure it will pop up on my Instagram, so you might have to follow ;)

For those who asked, I got the newest ones from Daniel at Create Tattoos & Art . Absolutely recommend both him and the studio if you’re looking for someone to trust in Graz.

If you have any questions regarding my tattoos, do not hesitate to comment below. I’d love to chat.

Do you have tattoos? Do they all have some deep meaning other than “I bloody like the look”?

-For Tattoo Inspo visit my Pinterest Board

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  • I love getting to know the stories behind tattoos. I have got three so far and love all of them. The one I see every day is the skyline of Istanbul around my left wrist – because I lived there and it is my favorite city in the world.

  • Your tattoos are really beautiful! Especially the epeolatry and the trees caught my eye.
    I only have a little triangle on my left hand. Usualy I tell people it means “dont be a sqaure” . But it’s basically just a reminder, who I am and who I want to be, in case life messes with my head.

  • I love the introduction to this post so much! It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted a lot of little tattoos here and there in my body too but when I turned 19/20 I changed my mind and now I want to keep it with no tattoos at all – even though I consider them a piece of art. I think it was caused by the fact that I could never really decide on one specific tattoo and I would always be wondering if it’s a goodbye idea or not and maybe if I should change it to something else. Maybe one day I’ll make up my mind and get one. Lovely post and amazing tattoos (epeolatry is my favourite!)

    With kindness

    • Thanks! Absolutely understand that. I love “bare” bodies as well and absolutely respect the opinion of those who don’t like the look of tattoos on their bodies. It doesn’t fit anyone, too.

  • Tattoos are something so personal and beautiful in their own way. I only have two, yet. Did my first the day before I turned 19, the profile of a butterfly with a planet and a moon in its wings, and stars around it. I’d wanted to get a tattoo since I can remember and when my best friend died in a car accident when I was 18, I knew I wanted to get something permanent to always have her with me. People may think it is a cliché whenever I say it’s a butterfly, but always love it when they see it – it’s on my lower stomach so you don’t see it unless I show it. It symbolizes that nothing stays the same, but there is still beauty in life. The second one I actually made when I moved to Vienna in 2014, when my eating disorder started creeping up again…it’s a heart with an infinite loop at the end, to remind me that I should treat myself well and love myself more, on my lower left arm. Have so many more that I want to have done, but need to find the time, “perfect” artist and will to give out the money for them xD

    I love the trees on your ankle, so beautiful and somehow (though I don’t personally know you) I feel it’s totally you!

    LG, Rosie //Curvy Life stories

    • Thank you so much Rosie. Yes,I’ve had so many people tell me that my tattoos somehow perfectly fit my personality. So fun!
      And I do know what you mean. Finding the right artist isn’t easy but I’m 100% sure that when the time is ripe you’ll find one for you too x

  • Danke, dass du uns an deinen Tattoos teilhaben lässt! Obwohl es ja etwas sehr Privates ist, finde ich es sehr interessant.
    Deine finde ich aber wirklich wunderschön. Vor allem den Flower-moon, von dem wir auf Instagram ja schon eine kleine sneak peek bekommen haben:)
    Ich habe bisher noch keine Tattoos, allerdings geht es mir genau so wie dir, dass ich schon immer welche haben wollte. Bisher scheitert es nur ehrlich gesagt daran, dass man jede Körperstelle nur ein mal vergeben kann und dass ich noch nicht den passenden Tattoowierer gefunden habe.
    Liebste Grüße und einen schönen Start in die Woche,
    Sonja von

  • I LOOOOOOVE your tree tattoo! It looks so precious and unique, I really enjoyed the few sentences you wrote about it.
    I didn’t know you got so many more tattoos, so I was really interested in this blog post. thanks for sharing and – yeah, I also have quotes which remind me of things which are very special to me, and one tattoo where I simply bloody like thelook of it :D

  • I only have one, is a Cheshire cat. I don’t believe in horoscope, but I believe in names, and I think a name can forge a person’s personality. I am sure my name (Alicia = Alice in Spanish) has been a pillar in my personality, and I wanted a tattoo that reminded me of it. It’s on my lower back (maybe too close to my butt. I got too excited that day and asked the artist to put it lower and lower, and now when I am in a bikini you can only see half of it… but it’s okay), and it’s only the lines. I wanted to paint it blue, but I didn’t have enough money at the time, and now I prefer it like it is. It’s like the cat is disappearing or appearing :)

  • Deine Tattoos sind so schön! Und besonders die Bedeutungen dahinter! Ich hab mich nie getraut, mich tätowieren zu lassen. Ich hab mega Angst vor Nadeln…. aber ein bisserl reizts mich schon ;-)
    Ganz im Gegensatz zu Piercings, die sind nichts für mich.
    Alles Liebe,

    • Oh vielen lieben Dank Claudia. Ich finde es so schön, wenn man nicht tattoowiert ist. Es passt halt auch nicht zu jedem. Wobei eine sehr gute Freundin von mir auch riesige Angst vor Nadeln hat und es liebt sich tattoowieren zu lassen ;)

  • ich finde es schön – wenn tattoos eine Bedeutung haben!
    viel zu viele lassen sich leider ein tattoo stechen ohne das sie lange darüber nachdenken
    ich muss gestehen – und das überrascht glaube ich immer wieder alle – ich habe noch kein einziges tattoo – obwohl mein mann seit jahren selbst ein studio besitzt :)
    glg katy

  • I absolutely love the woman on your arm; it looks so gorgeous! I have to tattoos at the moment: the aries constellation on the inside of my left elbow and “you are so much more” in a beautiful handwritten font on my ribs. The first one probably doesn’t need any explanation and the second one is just a nice reminder that you are more than everyone else thinks you are and even more than you think you are and that there’s so much you can achieve if you just believe in it.
    I’d also love to get one including mountains to get a bit of Austria on my skin :D

    Oh, I actually do have a third tattoo as well: I accidentally stabbed myself in the finger with a quill and that wonky, blueish dot has been there for a couple of years by now – oopsie

    Love, Jacky N.

  • I really adore your woman tattoo! I sort of wanted to have a similar single line tattoo from the artist ,,Mo Ganji” and I even managed to get an appointment but then he refused to adapt his tattoo to my wishes, which is kind a odd because it’ll be on my skin forever and I should feel comfortable with it, too. Long story…anyway I think tattoos are like art on your body and I’d love to have more. Thank you for sharing!

    Cheers and Love,

  • always find tattoo posts the most interesting! ive been looking at getting something very similar to the girl line drawing myself, and in the exact same place. the one i want is a girl holding a rose meaning “stop and smell the roses” – trying to be a positive bitch in 2018!!

    absolutely love your tats, so beautiful and so unique.

    katie. xx

  • tolle tattoos und schöne bedeutungen! vor allem von dem woman tattoo!! ich habe auch zwei kleine und überlege schon seit langem ob ich noch welche machen soll oder nicht.. hmm :D

  • Adore your tattoo’s and love the fact they are so meaningful. Enjoyed reading this!
    I got a tattoo on my left arm, close to my write to symbolise positivity too although some look at it and judge, but like you say, the body is a blank canvas, paint it to how you want it :)

    Much love xo
    Jaydee x

  • “Woman” ist so gut. Das wäre etwas, was ich mir auch als nächstes tätowieren lassen würde. Ich wusste nie, dass du Tattoos hast, und es geht ja eigentlich auch niemanden etwas an und sie sollte auch nicht dazu da sein, um Instagram Fotos aufzupeppen, so wie du sagst. Ich habe 2 Tattoos, einmal das Geburtsdatum meiner Oma auf meinem linken Unterarm, alle fragen mich, ob sie noch lebt: sie ist die fitteste 62 jährige Oma die ich kenne. Sie ist toll. Mein zweites habe ich mir vor ein paar Wochen stechen lassen, als ein bekannter brasilianischer, unglaublich toller Tätowierer in Wien war (mdntt auf Instagram, wenn es dich vielleicht interessiert, er ist echt toll und kommt auch vorm Sommer wieder nach Ö). “Familia ante omnia” und ein Zweig schmücken also seit 3 Wochen meinen linken Oberarm. Wenn ich gerade vorm Spiegel stehe, sehe ich Tattoos auch nicht, aber wie du sagst: Ich weiß sie sind da, und ich liebe sie!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Tamara |

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