Morning Routine – Working from Home

Rise and Shine! (But first… coffee!!)  I’m a morning person through and through. There’s something just so calming about knowing that you’re up early and ready to tackle the day. Therefore, I’ve always emphasized the value of a long and productive morning. However, with me working from home most days of the week now, a well working morning routine is absolutely essential.

Currently, I am in the last semester of my studies and have lots of exams to study for, as well as term papers to write before the beginning of summer. Additionally, there’s the blog that needs to be filled with kick ass content so I can earn some money and buy food. I absolutely adore working from home most of the time. But I also realized how easy it is to fall into the pit of doing nothing and wasting your days when there’s no one to look over your shoulder while you work. My friends assume I’m lying in bed, watching Netflix all day anyways, so why even bother getting up and work? The struggle is real, I tell ya.

My morning routine for when I’m working from home

Wake up, get dressed, and by all means, don’t touch your phone

At the moment, my alarm goes off around 6:30. When the sun is shining I’m usually already awake at that time anyway, since my bed is right next to the huge window in my bedroom. Then I snooze and chill for about half an hour before finally deciding to get up and get ready for the day. To me, getting dressed as if I was going to an office is an essential part of my morning routine. I’m so much more productive when I’m not in my pj’s, working from bed.

Something I currently am trying to incorporate into my mornings is not touching my phone before 9 am. I used to waste so much time in bed, aimlessly scrolling through social media, so I’m trying to make an end to that. Social media is a huge part of my job – but there’s no need for Instagram to be the first thing I open when I bat my eyelashes open in the morning!

Make coffee, sit down, and work/study

After I’m fully dressed and have put on a full face of makeup for the day, I’m finally grabbing my first cup of coffee. I think it’s no secret that I’m utterly addicted to caffeine and cannot survive a day without the black gold that runs through my veins. Good thing I have a good Nespresso machine from DeLonghi * at home – my life saver. Coffee in hand, I usually then sit down at my favourite window spot in the kitchen and write my to-do list  for the day or (if I have already done that the night before) immediately take my place at my desk to study.

I’m the most productive between 8 and 12 in the morning, so I usually try to get most of my studying done during that time. Work I can do after that, too. But once it’s lunch time, I just cannot find the motivation to study anymore. When I do not have an exam coming up, I try to get as much work done in the morning as possible so I can schedule my meetings, coffee dates, and other adult errands for the rest of the day.

Sharing my perfect morning routine for productively working from home as a blogger, freelance writer, and student. Click through to get the most out of your mornings.

The power of a good Playlist

As I’m living all on my own, it’s usually rather quiet in the house. That is why the perfect playlist is absolutely essential to get me through my morning routine. Currently, I am listening to the “Top of the Morning” one from Spotify. It’s an upbeat, fun mixtape featuring slow and calming songs as well as sing-along tunes to wake you up and get you going. Pop isn’t quite my type of music – however, in the morning there’s nothing I’d rather listen to than an easy playlist curated by someone else.


My perfect morning routine – the cheat sheat

  • Wake up & get up
  • Open the blinds and windows to get some sun and fresh air in
  • Get ready for the day: shower, brush your teeth, put on makeup and get dressed
  • Make coffee to wake you up
  • Sit down and write a to-do list for the day !! (I adore the ones from Jo&Judy)
  • Do not check social media before 9 am
  • Sit down at your desk, put on your playlist, and get going
  • Flowers on your desk make working from home so much nicer
  • Set a timer to work concentrated for a short period of time
  • Grab a snack to eat while working (preferably something healthy like an apple with nut butter or some nuts)
  • Always have a bottle of water ready on your desk to stay hydrated

What’s your morning routine? And what are your tips for productively working from home?

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  • Liebe Kerstin,
    Deine Morgenroutine an einem arbeitsintensiven Tag von zuhause aus, klingt wirklich großartig und motivierend!
    Die Idee, das Handy erst ab 9 Uhr zu verwenden, finde ich sehr sinnvoll – die schlechte Angewohnheit, mein Handy in der Früh zu verwenden, streiche ich momentan ebenfalls aus meinem Leben und versuche dieses erst in der FH zu verwenden.
    Viel Erfolg bei deiner heutigen To-do-Liste und einen produktiven Tag wünsche ich dir! :)
    LG Vroni <3

  • I’m trying to stick to a routine because, just like you, i’m studying from home everyday for my upcoming exams. but i can’t get out of bed before 9 or 10….it’s a nightmare ! the tentation of my phone is also a NIGHTMARE i can spend 2 hours on it if don’t find the courage to get up…

  • Liebe Kerstin,
    mein Morgen sieht deinem unheimlich ähnlich. Ich bin auch ein absoluter Frühaufsteher. Meistens wache ich gegen 6.30 Uhr von allein auf, dann lese ich bis ungefähr 7.30 Uhr und dann stehe ich auf. Ich bin auch zwischen 8 und 12 am produktivsten und mache in der Zeit meistens Unizeug oder Arbeit für den Blog und mittags brauche ich erst einmal eine Pause (und manchmal auch ein kleines Nickerchen) bis ich gegen zwei wieder irgendetwas machen kann ;).
    Das Handy erst 9.00 Uhr in die Hand zu nehmen, ist eine wirklich gute Idee. Ich erwische mich leider auch oft dabei, dass ich einen Teil meiner Lesezeit am Morgen für Instagram und co. verschwende. Das muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren!
    Liebe Grüße,

  • Die Regel das Handy nicht vor 9 Uhr anzuschauen, geschweige denn in Apps wie Instagram zu versinken ist eine sehr gute Regel :) Aber ich glaube das schaffe ich nicht, denn um 9 fange ich an zu arbeiten und nutze vorher die Gassirunde um den Feed zu checken :) Aber ich sollte mir vielleicht angewöhnen kein social Media vor 8 Uhr am Morgen :)
    Ansonsten sind es genau die gleichen Regeln und Routinen die ich auch verfolge wenn ich von zuhause arbeite…
    Liebst Kathi

    • Super Idee Kathi x Das kommt natürlich immer darauf an wann man anfängt zu arbeiten. Wenn ich zB um 9 Uni hab dann check ich davor schon auch meien Social Media Kanäle. xx

  • This is such a great post with some really helpful tips! Not looking at my phone when I wake up always helps me to be really productive and also drag myself out of bed to start the day xx

    Lauren |

  • Das klingt nach einer wundervollen Morgenroutine!
    Ich kenne das zu gut mit dem Handy … ich verbringe mit Handy im Bett auch immer Ewigkeiten! :D
    Liebe Grüße Sarah <3

  • For me getting dressed is the key! But I struggle to wake up very early and then not to fall asleep on books if I’m studying and the subject it’s boring and there is too much silence in the house :P
    But in the end I much prefer working from home than office life. x

    Caterina |

  • You had some great ideas in there! I love the one about not touching your phone until 9am. I’m totally guilty of scrolling for hours in the morning and getting nothing done. Will definitely try this one!

  • Oh girl I completely envy you! I am NOT a morning person and find that I’m most productive in the evening so I tend to do a gym class in the morning and emails; something more light hearted then I’ll get into the real work in the afternoon/evening! Also YES to a good playlist and coffee, the power cannot be underestimated!

    Hayley xo

  • Liebe Kerstin!

    Ein sehr gelungener Blogpost. Durch deine Routine am Morgen schaffst du sicherlich sehr viel was du am einem Tag erledigen muss. Ich bin leide ein absoluter Langschläfer :/. Da ich ein Fernstudium mache lerne ich von zu Hause aus und das 3 Tage unter der Woche, daher kenne ich es sehr gut wenn man in den “Chiller”-Modus verfällt. Vor 9 Uhr bin ich einfach leider absolut nicht produktiv, selbst wenn ich früher aufstehe, da ich dann nur komplett erledigt bin. Versuche derzeit eine für mich optimale Routine zu entwickeln und dein Blogpost war da sehr inspirierend (:

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Best of luck with your exams! I hope they go well. I definitely find I get so much more done in the mornings if I don’t go on social media too much – it’s too addictive! x


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