A Little Life Update

Hello there. Did you miss me? 

I’ve been pretty much M.I.A. during the summer months on both the blog and social media. I published the odd post here and there but didn’t really stick to blogging as much as I used to. And the truth is, that summer break was duly needed. I’ve been falling out of love with blogging more and more over the time and just felt too pressured to put out content, make money and go with the wave that everyone else was riding. So one day, I realized I needed to take a break or I’d lose the fun in blogging completely. And now I’m back – more motivated than ever to slay and come up with content that both, my readers and I, can enjoy. Completely separated from the financial aspect. 

So, What’s New?

Oh, plenty is new over here. I’ve just started working at my first graduate job and am slowly but surely getting used to the new routine. I’ve gotten really lucky and managed to get a really lovely place at a great firm. I feel like that’s exactly what I want to do. Plus, I have been assigned a lot of assignments and projects that are way out of my comfort zone, which makes me feel like this job will be a game-changer for me. At first, I was really anxious about what to do after uni. With a degree in English you cannot really do much, eh! I was constantly told that I’d chosen the wrong field to study in as I’d end up unemployed and poor.

This blog has always been my hobby. Something I utterly love and enjoy doing. And over the time I luckily managed to work on some great campaigns that brought in good money. I’ve been thinking a lot about pursuing full-time blogging but it just didn’t seem like something I want to do just yet. So I applied for a job that felt way out my league just to prove myself something – and curiously enough landed it. The aspect of having to take on collaborations in order to afford my rent just didn’t seem attractive to me – I’m 100% sure about every collab I did so far. However, I realized that once I was done with my studies and would not get student aid anymore, I’d have to make much more money from the blog in order to pay rent and afford food. And that kind of felt like selling my soul to me. So corporate job it is. And currently, I’m super happy with the way I went on, enjoying the new challenges and embracing the change I put on myself.

Happy Moments in Summer 2017

  • Being part of the jury in the Mr. South Austria finale – such a fun experience
  • Spending loads of time outside
  • Finding what makes my soul shine
  • Going on my first ever solo travel adventure
  • Making new friends and catching up with old ones
  • The road trip through the Austrian mountains 
  • Stopping my food restrictions and finally eating dairy and meat again (are you interested in reading about that on here?)
  • Reading some amazing new books and broadening my horizon on things that I have been interested in for a long time
  • Getting myself a new job and (almost) finishing university

Power September

For some reason (probably loads of years in the education system) September always feels like a new start to me. And this year even more so, with the new job and finishing uni. That means, that in September I’m always most motivated to create a new routine for myself. This year I’ve been focusing on sticking to a sport routine all year round – and so far, I’ve been really successful with that. But now I’m more determined to slay at the gym than ever. So keep an eye out for a bit more fitness-focused content on here as I really want to make that an integral part of my life.

Goals for September/October

  • Get back to blogging and post at least once or twice a week
  • Be more active on Instagram (stories) again
  • Read/finish at least 2 books
  • Go to the gym regularly
  • Getting back into my organizing scheme and keeping up with my calendar
  • Use the bullet journal more and actually write down happy moments
  • Spend as much time outside in the sun as possible
  • Save money (I’m so bad with money lately and spend it all as soon as it’s on my bank account, ugh)
What are your plans for autumn? And what have you been up to this summer? Let’s chat in the comments below  :)

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  • Das mit dem Job kenn ich. Ich bin im letzten Semester und dachte ach je, wie soll ich später mal Geld damit verdienen. Ich hab eine Werkstudentenstellenausschreibung in einer sehr tollen Firma gesehen und mich einfach mal drauf beworben. Das Vorstellungsgespräch fand ich schrecklich und dachte ich bin zu “dumm” dafür, aber sie haben mich genommen und nun arbeite ich schon ein halbes Jahr dort und hab einige Komplimente bekommen dafür wie zuverlässig und gut ich arbeite. Das hat mir wirklich sehr viel Mut für die Zukunft gegeben. Und außerdem eine Menge Geld, Yay! :D

  • I think it’s a great decision to keep space for what’s real on the blog and not being tied to collaborations in order to make a living. And I got to say, corporate jobs are not all dull… maybe the thing is that we can somewhat see what blogging is about from the outside but then when it comes to the corporate job, we need to experience it in order to understand it. I’m wishing you all the very best for your start into the proper working life. Congrats on the job! And, oh, your autumn goal look lovely, especially the being outside bit. I’m excited to dive into more books as well. Let me know if you’re at the Frankfurt book fair in October, maybe we could catch up. In German.
    Finja / http://www.effcaa.com

    • I’d love to go to the book fair. Maybe I’ll look into that and if I actually can afford it and make time I’ll visit you there – it’s been on my wishlist forever. Sounds like a dream to me.
      And yes I absolutely agree. Blogging isn’t all that glorious as a job too and, so far, I really really enjoy working at the new job. I think it’s exactly what I had to do in order to balance my life.
      Thanks for your kind words. x

  • Sehr cooler Beitrag!
    Mich würde tatsächlich sehr interessieren, wie du es geschafft hast, wieder Fleisch zu essen. Ich bin seit 6 Jahren Vegetarierin und versuche immer wieder zurück zum Fleisch zu kommen, aber ich kann meinen Kopf dafür einfach nicht ausschalten und bin immer noch extrem angeekelt von Fleisch..würde mich also sehr freuen, wenn du deine Erfahrungen teilen würdest ☺️
    Liebe Grüße, Laura

    • Danke Laura. Dann sprech ich das definitiv mal separat an – ich hab mir bei dieser “transition” auch sehr schwer getan und lange dafür gebraucht wieder “normal” zu essen – aber dazu gibt’s dann bestimmt bald mehr :)

  • Wow, I could not agree more with everything you’ve said here. This is EXACTLY how I feel about blogging and trying to make money off of it. I’m always at odds, it just feels wrong to push out content and do collaborations for money. I feel as though it taints what I really want to do. I love blogging, but I wouldn’t do it to pay the bills. Gorgeous photography by the way as well, thanks for such an inspiring, well written post! xx


    • Thank you so much Diana. I absolutely agree – money tends to take out the fun of most things and I’m glad I decided to take that route that makes me independent and gives me back the joy in blogging. Have a fun weekend babe x

  • Schön das du einen tollen Arbeitsplatz gefunden hast. :)
    Ich finde es super das du dich selbst nicht so unter Druck setzt mit dem Bloggen und dir auch mal eine Auszeit gegönnt hast. Da hast du ja wirklich einige tolle Dinge erlebt diesen Sommer. :)
    Hab ja immer alles fleißig in deiner Insta Story verfolgt. :D
    Ich wünsche dir ein tolles Wochenende!
    Liebste Grüße Tamara

    • Oh vielen lieben Dank für dein liebes Kommentar Tamara. Ich freue mich wirklich und hab die Auszeit über den Sommer dringend gebraucht. Jetzt bin ich wieder richtig motiviert und freu mich auf kommende Projekte und Abenteuer. :)

  • Welcome back meine Liebe. Ich habe irgendwie das Gefühl, dass es nicht nur dir diesen Sommer so ergangen ist. Ich gratuliere dir recht herzlich zu deinem neuen Job und all den tollen Herausforderungen. Natürlich freue ich mich auch, wieder mehr von dir zu lesen, denn das ich deinen Blog super gerne mag, weißt du ja. Aber es soll halt nicht in Stress und Zwang ausarten, damit ist keinem geholfen.
    Deine Liste für den Herbst kann ich eigentlich 1:1 für mich übernehmen ;)
    Liebst Kathi

  • I recently took a break from being fitness obsessed for about a month and a half, because it wasn’t bringing me the joy and satisfaction it used to. It was becoming more of an obligation and bringing stress and pressure into my life. Now I’ve come back so much more motivated and dedicated than I was before! It’s crazy what stepping back can do for your perspective. We also love that you chose not to compromise what you believe in for money, that says a lot about you!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  • Liebe Kerstin!

    Kann gut verstehen, dass du eine Blog-Pause gebraucht hast, da es kein leichtes Business ist und man, wenn man seine Miete davon zahlen möchte, wirklich unglaublich viel Zeit investieren muss. Wünsche dir nur das Beste für deinen Job und hoffe, dass du die Freude am Bloggen wiedergefunden hast, da ich deine Blogposts einfach total gerne lese (:

    Liebe Grüße,

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