Life Update – What has been going on lately

Long time no life update. In fact – and I just had to check – the last one was published in September. So here I am. Back again. Ready to rumble. And, even more so, ramble about my life. And reading through this post, it might be clear why I have not been active as much on here lately as I used to be.

1. I have been living in my new flat for three months now and can now officially say that I feel so much better with this arrangement than I thought I would. Remembering the struggles of the past few months I now know it has been the absolute right decision to move here. I might be out of the city a bit more now but coming home has never felt more welcoming to me. And yes, there will be room tours up on the blog in the future. I’m currently working on finishing it all up and will start snapping some pictures once it feels more complete.

2. If you follow me on Instagram you saw me doing a juice detox this week. And the truth is, I did it because I had been struggling a lot with my weight, body consciousness and nutrition. That is why I decided I need to detox, not for the sake of losing weight but to take my mind off the guilt that followed my binges and help myself get on the right track again. So far, I think it has worked rather well. I feel a bit better about myself now. I really do. Body positivity is a bumpy road but one worth walking and I hope I will find my groove back soon.

3. Working full time, blogging, meeting friends and keeping up with daily chores and duties has been tough on me and I had days on which I came home in the evening only to lie down on my couch crying. I find adult life not so easy to handle and wonder how everyone else seems to be doing it with so much ease. That is why I have decided to spend a quiet weekend with myself to find my groove back and simply shut down a bit.

4. This year I have started to fall back in love with Instagram again. Sure, the algorithm is still a joke. But honestly, I do not care (that much) anymore. Posting has never been so much fun and I did start to wonder where the future of blogging lies. Do people still have the time to read posts on their laptops or is it phone only these days? Who knows.

5. Another thing that has been on my mind in April is a more mindful way of living. I have already told you about how empowering throwing out commodities has been to me. Equally, I want to get rid of stress and thoughts that are only pulling me down. This is also why I have decided to say no to some really cool trips and opportunities in May to stay a bit more grounded and tap into my sense of self again, even though it always feels so foolish to opt for staying in rather than flying somewhere cool. I’m also on the hunt for good books on this matter. Do you have any recommendations?

Oh and… did you see. This blog has a brand new design! Do you like it?

What have you been up to this spring? Any goals for the upcoming months?

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