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Instagram is my all-time favorite app and social media channel. I remember downloading the app about 4 or 5 years ago and posting weird, bad quality pictures of me and my friends and some random shots from my life. Now my Instagram game changed. I acquired a rather large following (at least for my understanding^^) and my feed looks more or less consistent and pretty. I always get asked how I edit my Instagram pictures and how to get more follower so I thought I’d finally write about one of my favorite topics up on the blog. I’m not an expert though so please do not quote me on these tips and tricks.

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To me Instagram is all about community! So the most important tip I can give you is to communicate with others, be nice and interested and listen to what your followers have to say. What’s the point in uploading a picture and never again looking at its likes and comments. I love talking to you guys in the comments and hearing your opinions on my thoughts and shots! Furthermore I’d encourage you NEVER to buy any followers. What’s the point in doing that? Yes sure you’ll have 50k after only spending a few dollars but what does that matter if there’s no real and genuine person behind that? Please be honest to yourself and others and do not pay for likes or followers! That’s a really big no-no I think. 

missgetaway instagram tips and tricks

VSCO CAMCreate a consistent feed

VSCO Cam is my go-to tool when it comes to editing my Instagram pictures. I bought a couple of different filters and try to use the same ones consistently so my feed always has the same colour scheme. I usually either apply the C, HB or S filters to my pictures. However, I do turn them down to about +3 to +7 and never completely apply the filter. What I also like about VSCO is that it shows your edited pictures exactly the same as Instagram does. So you can easily see if the new picture fits your feed or if you should post another one before that.

FACETUNE – Brighten up your pictures

I know Facetune is pretty popular these days because it makes it super easy to retouch your face. However, I do never use it that way. What I love about Facetune is the “whiten” function, which allows you to brighten up your background when the light wasn’t that perfect. I usually use this when I have a white background on my pictures that doesn’t really look white due to the evening or winter light. Talking about Facetune, please do not use it to alter your face. Sure it starts innocently with blurring a spot or wrinkle but after a time you’ll end up not looking like yourself at all.

INSTAGRAM – Finishing touches

When I’m done with applying a VSCO filter and whitening my background if necessary I also use the edit feature on Instagram itself. I use it to brighten up my pictures, turn up the contrast and play around with temperature and lux. This however only in a very minimalistic way because I still want my pictures to look natural and not over-edited. I never use their filters because I think they’re crap! But honestly, that’s totally up to you. Do whatever floats your boat and you’ll be happy with your feed!! 

missgetaway instagram tips and tricks

So these were my ultimate Instagram tips and tricks. Or at least how I do things. But honestly, do your own thing and be happy about it. We’re all unique human beings and our Instagram feeds should reflect just that. There are way too many similar feeds with white background out there anyway so if you wanna go for colorful – then hell do it! Oh and by the way, I do not follow “pretty feeds” but people. So what I’d suggest is being you and expressing yourself in the pictures not just copying whatever is trending on the most addicting app ever :P

Want to get more Instagram followers? Then a coherent & cohesive feed is your friend. Click through to find out how bloggers edit their Instagram pictures for a clean and perfect feed.

How do you edit your Instagram pictures? And did you find this post helpful? Let’s discuss in the comments down below :) And duh, if you don’t already follow me on Instagram you should totally click » HERE « and follow me.

Love, Kerstin 

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