I quit my day job to pursue my dream

Yesterday, I had my last day at the office. It was sad. I teared up when I left the building. Not because I regret my decision to step out into the big unknown and pursue my dream, but because once the door fell into its lock behind me, I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulder. I expected to panic as soon as I got home and the realization hit me. That did not happen, though.

Why I quit my day job

Truth is, the past few weeks have not been easy on me. I was in a constant state of stress and have not enjoyed a single minute of free time the entire summer until now. Realizing it is over, however, finally gives me the freedom to be excited about what is to come. I have fantasized so long about not having to work all day every day and am so glad I took that plunge into the unknown and finally started to trust in myself.

This is: I did love this day job of mine.

It was fun to work there and I quite liked the routine in the beginning. My colleagues were great and I will miss working with them the most. However, after a few months at the office, I began to see that I am not cut out for this 9-5 life. On a personal and professional level, I have learned more in this job than I could have ever imagined when I applied for the interview last year. Due to a very supportive work environment, I was able to explore a part of me I never knew existed, one where I can stand up for myself and speak my mind freely, acknowledging my abilities and worth.

The long hours at the office, in addition to building my brand and working on the podcast in my free time have left me with, at most, only a few hours a day to myself – and those hours I used for catching up on sleep. I had no time for friends, family or my partner anymore and thus was feeling frustrated and agitated for the most part of the day. My mindset started to shift and I lost track of everything around me.

When I lay down one day after work on the couch, stuffing my face with chocolate, unable to move or do anything only remotely productive, I realized that it could not go on like this…

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How to quit your job when you love what you are doing

What surprised me most about that whole process was how hard it was for me to quit. I imagined it being so easy. You simply walk in the office, say fuck it and leave, right?  Well… not if you’re me apparently. 

I knew I wanted to leave about a month before I finally found the guts to confront my boss about it. Each morning I woke up, did my morning routine and told myself this would be the day. After many failed attempts (once I went into the office and literally asked for a new stapler because I panicked) I started talking to my closest friends about it. Speaking it out loud and admitting that I had a plan for the future somehow made me feel more confident. So did their support and kind words.

One morning I messaged all of my close friends saying that I was about to quit my job. And I think that was the tipping point. Because, finally, after three weeks of trying, I went in and did what I had to do. With shaky hands and trembling voice, of course.

I quit my day job, what now?

Now I am living the dream.

Or at least that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to focus my energy on projects that only fill my pockets (let’s be real, a girl’s gotta eat) but also fulfill me and make me happy while working on them. I want to work flexible hours and let’s say sit at home all Sunday to hustle but enjoy the sunny Monday outside.

Additionally, I am planning on going back to uni for my Master’s degree. I am not 100% sure how well this is going to turn out and how much motivation I will have left once I plunge into this adventure. I feel like going back and debating some more on pressing issues in contemporary culture.

One part of my business will be this blog. Hence, I am sitting on my balcony now, finally tipping some words while sipping on my iced latte again. And I must say, I missed it. I have a few really cool posts in the pipeline and want to embrace this medium once again. Then, there’s my Podcast “Coffee Blend”, which we’ll take to yet another level in autumn.

Apart from my own brand (missgetaway, if you’re like ??? now) and the accompanying online presence, I am also working on various other projects, such as freelance writing, social media consulting, and content creation.

So… prepare for lots of new exciting content coming your way and be ready to see a bit more of my face in the future, because I am SO ready to tackle this opportunity and enable myself the life I have dreamed of ever since I was a little kid. Because what better is there than to have a career you enjoy and also having enough free time to enjoy this wonder we call life.

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