What made me realize I had to change my diet

I had promised myself never to really incorporate the diet and nutrition theme into this blog. I think this is a deeply personal topic that you can only go wrong with. However, as this diet change has been so prominent in my life and my Instagram stories, I thought it would have to go on the blog as well. So here’s why I realized I needed to change my diet and what I did thus far. 

My journey into intuitive eating

Some of you do know this already but if you’re new around here you might not have seen my old Instagram account. It was all about fitness and food. This has been all fun and games until I started to spiral down into old habits that I had developed as a teen… binging, puking, doing excessive amounts of sports, crying about how fat I am, hating my body and comparing myself to others. Constantly. So I decided to quit the crap. I deleted my Instagram account and started over again. No pressure on myself. Just me.

It was around this time that I started to incorporate the intuitive eating concept into my life as well. And it has been marvelous. Basically, it is about giving your body what it craves, whenever it craves it. Sounds fantastic. And it also is.

So what has changed?

Over the time, and especially with me starting to work full-time as well as having a social life and the blog on the side, my life started to get more stressful. And what my body started to crave was unhealthy food all the time. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat lunch but eat an entire bar of chocolate on my desk. Sometimes I’d eat a super fatty and unhealthy meal for lunch and then go out for dinner after. And I started to lose balance.

My skin started to change. My body started to get unhealthy. I felt tired all the time and drank way too much alcohol in the evenings. Then I got sick. When I was lying at home with a fever I was thinking about the last time I had been this sick and I couldn’t remember. So I started evaluating what has changed that has influenced my (usually) tough immune system in a way that I’d have to stay home from work and do nothing but sleep for two days straight.

How I want to change my diet now

I used the start of the Christian lent period on the 14th of February as an official start into a healthier life. Of course, I know I won’t turn into one of those super healthy Instagram girls. But that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to reclaim my body and find my balance again.

So what I have planned is to take my lunch with me to work instead of opting for the rather unhealthy lunch they offer at work. I want to quit alcohol. Maybe not entirely because my birthday is in a few weeks and I really want to sip on a glass of wine then. But I want to stop drinking so much. I want to quit eating at my desk. I’ll have some healthy homemade breakfast and lunch and then head home for dinner. No snacking.

Furthermore, I want to start doing sports again. Currently, I’m about halfway through the 30 days of yoga challenge and feel awesome. It is such a lovely way to start the day and gives me so much ease and comfort for the day ahead. When I’m back in full health I want to go back to the gym again and maybe finally develop a routine that I will stick to. No excessive training but a healthy balance to sitting around at the office all day. It seems I cant to sports when there’s pressure on me.

As this diet change has been so prominent in my life and my Instagram stories, I thought it would have to go on the blog as well. So here's why I realized I needed to change my diet and what I did thus far. 

All in all, this is not a super big change but rather switching a couple of naughty habits up and starting to develop healthier ones.

Are you interested in staying up to date with this routine? Is this something you want to see on here regularly? And what do you do for a healthier life? Any tipps for me so I can stick to this change?

(And yes I chose these pictures on purpose because they show me in the wine section with chocolate in hand aka basically how I had been living life ever since the holidays in December… see I really need to change my diet) 

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  • Liebe Kerstin,
    ich hoffe, dass du dich nun bald gesünder und vor allem wohl in deiner Haut fühlst.
    Pass aber gut auf dich auf, denn man fällt schnell wieder zurück in die alten Gedankenmuster, die man nur so schwer durchbricht. Ich finde es toll, dass du sie so offen ansprichst.
    Erzähl uns gerne mehr darüber, wie du es schaffst, dich trotz des Alltagsstresses gesund zu ernähren und wie du deine “ungesunden Gewohnheiten” abgelegt hast. Wie gehst du z.B. mit Einladungen und Partys um?
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Danke Katharina. Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen, ich war jetzt 2 x essen und hab dann einfach Burger gegessen. Man wird ja nicht jeden Abend eingeladen und wenn man 1 x die Woche “ungesund” isst, bricht bestimmt keine Welt zusammen. Ich versuche da einfach grad ein gesundes Verhalten aufzubauen. Was den Alkohol angeht habe ich da kein Problem – ich gehe oft weg und trinke dann nur Wasser/Cola und habe trotzdem Spaß :)

  • Work-life balance is always the trickiest. Preparing your meals at home is also a great money-saver. Irather cook my own meals, as at my work there’s no cafeteria. But sometimes, when I’m lazy or in a hury, I leave home without breakfast or without my packed lunch. Then I argue with myself wether to order something nice, topped with cheese or rather grab some healthier version, a nice salad.

    • Thanks babe. I’m currently working on incorporating meal prep into my routine and bring healthy lunches to work with me. Let’s see how this will work out in the end x

  • That’s awesome that you’re going down a healthier path and making some changes, good for you girl! I think for me one of the easiest ways to keep me on track health wise with meals is to meal plan and meal prep!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I always try to meal prep but somehow never seem to be able to stick to my plan. I’m giving it a go this week though and am looking forward to seeing how that will work out x

  • Das wichtigste ist doch wirklich, dass man sich einfach wohl fühlt. Dass man mit sich selbst einfach zufrieden ist, und sich nicht nonstop wünscht, “anders” zu sein, oder sich anders zu fühlen. Das ist so unglaublich wichtig! Ich bin momentan auch total zufrieden mit meiner Sport- und Ernährungsroutine. Ich esse zwar was ich will, und auch nicht immer gesund, allerdings fühl ich mich so wirklich am wohlsten!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Tamara | brunettemanners.at

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