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I’ve always had a thing for fictional worlds. Books, Movies, Music, Comics – You name it. I simply love the feeling of escaping real life and being sucked into an entirely new world, filled with magic. That is why I immediately had a crush on Graz’ latest café addition. The Geek’s Café at the University quarter. I’ve never really seen a place like this before.

Geek's Café Graz - one of the coolest places to be for comic lovers and nerds in austria | missgetaway life, style & travel blog from austriageeks cafe graz - missgetaway life style travel blog graz

From the outside, the café doesn’t really give away how cool it actually is. Sure, there is the huge logo banner decorating their little outdoor area, that cool blackboard and the star wars sticker on the glass door. But other than that it appears to be just another university café. Well okay, you do realize that it’s not another boring old café from the outside too but that would have ruined my point, so shhh…. Once you step foot inside or have a peak at the menu you’ll immediately realize that this one is different, it’s special and it’s just SO COOL. It’s the perfect place to be for anyone loving star wars, star trek, lord of the rings, marvel, DC, etc….. It’s geek paradise! 

What’s on the menu at Geek’s Café ?

At first, I was kinda worried they wouldn’t have anything on their menu for me to order. I’m quite picky and with the “do not eat dairy products or you’ll die” problem added, going out can sometimes turn into a real problem. Not in Graz, however! Of course, they also sell their coffee with soy milk, have a vegan breakfast on their menu and try to adapt to everyone’s needs. Their coffees are decorated with death stars (or other star wars silhouettes, which you can choose from) making it really hard to resist the urge to take 3698 pictures for Instagram. Something I obviously am guilty of doing. Constantly.

Their menu thematically adopts and incorporates various fandoms. The sandwiches, for example, are named after “The Big Bang Theory” characters. They really put a lot of effort into detail without making the little shop look tacky. Even entering the toilet you’ll find little gems and new fandoms hidden in the wallpaper, music, and decoration. Their “Spritzer” are delicious as well, named after Yoda or Vader for example. Of course, held either in green or red, duh!  Breakfast can be either savory or sweet. Named after fictional places. You get the idea. Screw ordinary plants. They decorated their tables with DIY Minecraft plants. Also, they told me a little secret: they’re not even close to being finished yet and always try to incorporate new fandoms to their little shop by adding little bits and pieces here and there.

geeks cafe graz - missgetaway life style travel blog graz

Should you go there?

I honestly do not want to give away too much. Because to me, roaming through geek’s café, exploring each and every corner and finding new gems wherever I looked was almost as much fun as seeing my death star coffee arriving at my table. If you ever find yourself in Graz (or even live here) you should definitely check this place out. Especially if you’re into fantasy, sci-fi, games, comic and anything else remotely interesting ;) Really though, do it! I promise you won’t regret it!

geeks cafe graz - missgetaway life style travel blog graz 1

What do you think about this café? Do you like the concept? Any other geeks following me? Have you ever been to Geek’s Café? What did you think?

Love, Kerstin 

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  • You already had me with those star wars sticker on the door. Looks just like my place to be. Geekish paradise really :)
    Next time in Graz we should go there and have coffee together. That would be great fun. ;)

    Have a great week, dear. :)

    Greets, Kat

    P.S.: You’re going to appear in my new blogpost. (sounds like you’re a Pokemon :D). So maybe check it out later. I’ll go online on 3pm.

  • I think I NEED to go there next time I’m in Graz! I was only there once and in a bigger group, so it wasn’t possible to explore the city as I wanted (they only wanted to shop =X). I’ll definitely ask you for some tips next time I go there ;)

    xoRosie // Rosie’s Life

  • Ich find das Konzept von Geek’s wirklich cool und mir gefällt auch der Laden. Ich war damals kurz nach der Eröffnung dort, aber irgendwie mag ich den Kaffee dort nicht so besonders gerne. Deswegen war ich auch schon ewig nicht mehr dort. Aber vielleicht gebe ich dem Café noch eine Chance, denn ansonsten finde ich es echt ansprechend :)

    Liebste Grüße

    • Wirklich? Wir fanden den Kaffee beide super lecker. Mein Freund hatte auch noch einen Bananen-Milchshake und der war SO gut! Ich hatte neben dem Cappuccino noch einen Iced Latte mit Soya Milch und der war WIRKLICh gut. Und ich bin sehr sehr kritisch wenn es um Kaffee geht :D

  • Der Kaffee wurde wesentlich besser nachdem Paul seine Barista Ausbildung abgeschlossen hat ;), ist also von der Qualität her mit dem Kaffee der ersten Wochen nicht mehr zu vergleichen. Mittlerweile, da ich selbst täglich im Geeks bin, kann ich die gesamte Speisekarte empfehlen :D

  • Oh mein liebes Graz, meine Heimatstadt, in der ich viel zu selten bin :(
    Aber fürs nächste mal steht das Café definitiv auf der Liste :D danke für den coolen Tipp, ist echt mal was anderes :)
    LG Julie

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