The future of Miss Getaway in the blogging world

When I started blogging a couple of years back, the whole sphere wasn’t as saturated as it is now. Nor was it as professional. There was no competition but a lot of patting each other on the backs. People who commented on your blog were usually your mutuals – you talked to them and became friends, rather than just having comments from passers-by. And the truth is: I miss it!

It is blogging and the internet that has brought some of the best friends I have into my life. It is blogging that has helped me get to know myself better than anything ever did before. It is blogging that has landed me a great job. And it’s blogging that has enabled me with so many amazing opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.

Trying not to lose myself in the superficial blogging world

Over the time, my blog somehow took up pace and enabled me to make a small living from it. Not enough to do it full-time but a really nice sum that put me through university. With my growing following, the gifts and parcels from pr agencies and brands also started to arrive. Coming from a middle-class family that never had it big in money, this was particularly exciting for me. In a nutshell: blogging has allowed me a glimpse into how the other half lives.

It did not make me happy, though. It changed me. It almost corrupted me.

One of the biggest take outs that I have from this past year is that money and things do not make you happy. In fact, at the time that I got the most stuff for free, I felt the emptiest emotionally. I pursued something that I really am not. Tried to fit in and mould myself into a version of me that would someway or the other succeed in this business.

I wanted to be a full-blown career girl, jetting around the world, wearing only designer clothes.

But that’s not me. And I realize now that even if that had happened, I would not have been happy.

With all that change in my life happening in 2017, it almost feels a need to change things up on Miss Getaway as well

So, that is why in the upcoming weeks there will be a change in things up here. I want to go back to spontaneous posting, rather than publishing curated content only. I want to be sharing moments of my life and thoughts that matter. I want to discuss things and talk about what’s going on in my mind. I want to discuss books and still, sometimes show you my favourite clothes.

It’s funny, how last year I thought what I had to do to be happy in life was to travel loads, lose weight so I can become more successful in the blogging world, go to fancy restaurants and show my face on each and every event to network.

What I really want to be doing, though, is find a nice place to live in, venture out into the wild, simply be and enjoy the moment. Share the little moments that make life worthwhile but also speak up about mental health and the problems I’m dealing with. I want this blog to be my happy place but also my little diary. What I want for the future is embracing who I really am and bringing a little hygge into this online presence.

The truth is, this place will probably keep on changing as time goes by. Because personal growth and change should also be reflected on a blog, I think. I do not know just yet where time will lead me, but it certainly will not be a big-fancy-rich-influencer-life that I will be leading. That much I can say for sure. And I’m okay with it. More than just okay.

So bear with me while I try to figure things out and I hope you’ll like what I’m coming up with in the future as well. Also, huge THANK YOU to everyone that stayed with me during this crazy time and hello to everyone who’s new here.

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  • So schöne Worte! Und ich finde es super, dass du dich dafür entschieden hast!
    Ich kann es ja nur nachvollziehen und immerhin soll man im Leben immer das machen, was einen am glücklichsten macht (wenn möglich). Und jeder verändert sich, und soll sich auch ändern, ich mein, wer will schon mit mitte 20 so sein wie als Teenager? ;)

    Alles Liebe und ich freu mich schon darauf was es in Zukunft von dir zu hören gibt :)

  • I feel ya! Ganz toller Post – nicht umsonst eine meiner Lieblingsbloggerinnen ;-) Wünsche dir mit der Umstrukturierung ganz viel Erfolg meine Liebe und freue mich auf alles Weitere.

    Glg deine Steffi

  • ein sehr toller beitrag liebe kerstin! oh ja das bloggen hat sich so was von geändert – bei vielen ist aus ein hobby ein richtiges businss geworden!
    ich glaube, da ist es auch sehr schwer sich treu zu bleiben u das zu machen was man wirklich will :)
    bin schon gespannt auf deine weiteren beiträge/änderungen
    glg katy

  • Du sprichst mir aus der Seele! Danke für deine ehrlichen Worte! Ich bin beeindruckt, dass du dich von der Glitzer- & Glamourwelt NICHT beeindrucken lässt! Ich bin sicher, du gehst deinen Weg! Alles Liebe, Manuela

  • Liebe Kerstin!
    Ich verstehe dich voll und ganz und weiß, was du meinst. Ich finde es super, wenn du lieber spontan posten willst und über Dinge sprichst, die dich beschäftigen.
    Mach einfach das, was dir Freude macht :)
    x Stephi

  • I love this post :)
    You still have the option to just be you, authentic. I’d agree to this bit that blogging now is becoming more of a professional thing. I do it because it is my hobby, a way to escape routine.

  • Thank you for the transparency.

    I got caught up with the big goals for my blog and I’m trying to go back to the root of why I started blogging in the first place, which was to inspire and empower women to love themselves more and to grow as individuals and become the best versions of themselves.

    It’s easy to get swept away with the images we see on social media and wanting that (and to some extent, I still want some of it) but I don’t want to lose sight of what truly makes me happy.. which, at the end the day, isn’t the stuff…

  • Ich kann nur Danke sagen. :)
    Weil du das ausgesprochen hast, was ich mir immer wieder denke: Habe ich mich selbst zwischen all den Beiträgen verloren?
    Ich bin nicht dieses Modepüppchen, das man auf dem Blog oft sieht. Und irgendwie bin ich all die Fashion- und Outfit-Posts wirklich leid.
    Deshalb habe auch ich eine Mission für 2018: back to the roots.
    Wieder mehr Gedanken, schöne Texte, weniger Outfits oder Beiträge, die ich eigentlich gar nicht posten will, weil sie nicht “ich” sind.
    Also….Danke! Für einen Post, der wirklich Sinn macht und mir neue Hofnung gibt.

    Wishes, Kat

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