End of Summer Life Update

I do not like summer as much as everyone else does. There, I said it. Summer usually is the worst season for my mental health, as it puts so much pressure on me. Go out, do something, live your life, experience, travel, look your best, laugh, enjoy. So, I am partially happy that we are finally taking a big leap into autumn – my favourite season! I will certainly miss the sun and am already internally crying because my tan is already fading. However, it also feels as if a weight is being lifted of my shoulder, as everyone heads back into their routines and the need to show off what a great time you’re having all day every day isn’t there anymore.

Trying to find a new routine

That being said, I must admit I had been cutting myself some slack with work lately. As August always is the slowest month of the year, I had decided to take some days – more like weeks – off and just breathe. After the stressful months and me deciding to quit my job, a little vacation was the right path to head down for me. I jetted off to Berlin for a really cool event and later went to Rome with my friend Lisa.

Now, however, I am back home in Graz and trying to settle into a new routine. Everything is new around here and I’m giving myself about a month to set foot into this new environment with working from home (very lonely!) and taking up enough projects to pay rent, going back to university to do my masters degree and so on. If you want I can keep you updated on this part of my life as well.

This means I am currently busy with finding my way into this new work-life setup, as well as want to work on my fitness and healthy lifestyle again. This summer I have found myself rather uncomfortable in my own skin due to a crappy lifestyle with way too much junk food and comfort eating all through spring. So there’s this other little side project I am working on currently and that is finding balance again and getting back into my yoga routine, as well as explore a healthier diet that does not consist of take out and ice cream all day every day. Wish me luck… or determination, that one I could use more.

Watched, Listened and Read

Admittedly, I did not manage to read as much as I would have loved to this summer. But I’m very bad at the reading game this years anyway, so having read only a couple of books is an accomplishment in itself.

Apart from this reading list, I have found myself in a downward spiral with binge-watching TV shows. I finally finished Mad Men and was depressed all week afterwards because how dare they end it like this and oh-my-god-I-need-more-of-it. I also obsessively watched the second season of The Bold Type, which I find so motivating and want you all to see, and (of course) had to see To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before right the second it came out.

In terms of listening, I have been listening more to Podcasts than actual music. I find it really hard to find new songs to listen to at the moment and feel a bit disconnected with it all. Will sit down and curate a new playlist on spotify these days, though, to find my jam back.

Speaking of Podcasts

In July my friend Alina and I launched our very own podcast – crazy, right! It’s been going fine in the beginning but with me going away for holidays and a bit of stress on her side, we decided to go on a little summer break. We’re back with new episodes now, though, and I’d love it if you’d check it out. You can listen on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud! Simply head over to linktr.ee/coffeeblendpodcast and give it a listen. We also created a little Facebook Group to go along with it for the sake of building a community so you are free to join that too. Simply search for “Coffee Blend Community” or find a direct link on the linktree. Of course, we’d also appreciate a good rating, follow and shoutout on the social medias. 

End Of Summer Favourites

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  • Danke für den ersten Satz! Klar hat der Sommer auch viele Vorteile (ich liebe Sommerabende), aber prinzipiell bin ich definitiv ein Herbstmädchen und freue mich daher auf die nächste Jahreszeit!
    Und zum Thema von Zuhause-arbeiten: Ich habe meine letzten Unihausarbeiten tatsächlich mal in der Bibliothek geschrieben. Das hat mir ziemlich geholfen, da man quasi gezwungen ist sich morgens fertig zu machen, zu frühstücken und weil man in der Bibliothek von so einer allgemeinen Lernatmosphäre umgeben ist. Ich weiß nicht, ob man das Prinzip auch so einfach auf andere Arbeiten anwenden kann, aber du könntest es ja mal versuchen. :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Sonja von https://searchingforkitsch.blogspot.com

  • Hallo Kerstin,
    ich habe gestern zum ersten Mal deinen Podcast gehört.
    Den Beitrag über Plastik, weil mich das Thema auch interessiert und ich Plastik auch gerne vermeide, wo möglich.
    Erstmal gratuliere zu der Idee und Umsetzung mit dem wohl relativ hohen Aufwand, Podcasts zu machen – eine interessante Erweiterung deines Angebots.
    Kommt auch sehr angenehm rüber. Ich find ja auch schon in deinen Instagram-Stories die Kombination cool aus Steirisch beim Sprechen und Englisch bei fast deinem ganzen sonstigen Content.
    Übrigens, wegen Sommer und neue Musik – ich hör derzeit sehr gern Summertime von Kendra Morris https://open.spotify.com/album/0dUbPthfnv6Z6KDrzOLiqh
    Ciao Markus

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