Dare to Dream Big

I’m a dreamer. Whether that’s one of my good or bad qualities is up to you to decide. I’ve always been a dreamer. This might lead to me getting hurt in the process. I’ve always dared to dream big. But only recently have I realized that dreaming sometimes isn’t enough. You’ve got to dream big, but also actually follow your dreams. 

To me, following your dreams doesn’t mean working day and night to earn a certain amount of money and buy lots of things. Pursuing your goals doesn’t mean being able to afford a designer handbag, next to comfortably living your life. I’m a dreamer – but I’m not stupid. I know money indeed IS the key to happiness. You can argue with me on that one. But if you never had to wonder how you might be able to afford food, you don’t have a say in this discussion. Being poor sucks. And having enough money to live comfortably is one of the cornerstones that you need to plant in order to dream big. However, money isn’t my end goal. To me, following your dreams doesn’t mean marriage, two kids, and a dog. It doesn’t mean owning my own house and driving a fancy car.

With a lot of things changing in my life right now, and me having to deal with criticism and accusations from all over the place, I found out what truly matters to me. I don’t want to adhere to society if that means I’m not happy. I want to live boldly and love loudly. I want to share what makes me happy, and drown myself in the moments that bring me joy. I want to make myself proud, first and foremost.

I live for the moments that make me grin until my cheeks hurt. Those feelings that you want to shout out, for the whole world to hear. The dreams that want to share with everyone you meet. The happiness that makes you forget all your worries, time and space.

My first and only tattoo (so far) says, “Believe in your dream”. And that’s what I’m going to do now. No matter if others do the same or not. Call me dreamer – but I believe that life has great things in mind for each and every single one of us. It is up to us to dig a little deeper and find out what truly matters.

I might be impulsive. I might make mistakes. And yes, I certainly might have my head in the clouds. But I truly think that we are all destined for great things. It’s the sparkle in the eyes of the bold, and the smile on the lips of the dreamers, that drive me forward. I want to be like them. After months of feeling like suffocating, I now finally dared to take the plunge and discover what the universe laid out for me to reach in the future.

It’s passion and hard work that gets you where you want to be. But it’s dreams, that keep us up at night and show us how to reach a place of true and utter happiness.

So, dare to say goodbye to things that hold you down, and step into the big unknown. Take a deep breath and look around. Is this really how you want to live your life? Or is there a goal, embedded deeply into your soul, trying to find its way? It’s up to you whether you decide to dream big and pursue your goals. So be bold. Dare to be different. Love loudly and embrace any chance you get. We never know where life will lead us. But it certainly is up to us whether we dream big and pursue those dreams or not.

WHAT I’M WEARING: Kapten & Son Sunnies*, H&M Gingham Dress (similar), Zara Leather Jacket (similar), Only Pants (similar), Converse Shoes, H&M Bag;

What do you think about dreaming big? Are you a dreamer or more of a pragmatic person?


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