Digital Detox at the Molzbachhof in Lower Austria

Digital Detox at the Molzbachhof in Lower Austria

*INVITATION* A long and curvy street leads us up a hill. We take it all in. Coming from the concrete jungle of Vienna, the green grass, the vast fields, and the beautiful wild flowers are a treat to watch go by while heading towards our first destination. The Molzbachhof, located in Kirchberg am Wechsel in Lower Austria, where we’re starting off our roadtrip through the Austrian mountains.

First, we do not know what to expect at all. As the Molzbachhof has recently been renovated and reopened only one month before our stay, the hotel website didn’t really give away too much yet. Thus, we kind of headed into our stay with the hope to be positively surprised. And if I can give away one thing right now: we were surprised! Not only by the amazing entrance hall, but also by the beautiful dinner they served us, and the amazing spa-treatment we got to experience. But first I want to tell the tale of how I went on an unplanned digital detox during my stay in lower Austria.

Hiking at the Rax and totally forgetting about time, space, and my phone

As we did the roadtrip with the expectation to hike loads, we already headed towards our first mountain on Tuesday. We got up early, filled our bellies at the delicious breakfast buffet and quickly packed our bags to depart. Once the trip started I had already used up all my mobile data, so I was left with no internet connection for the entire day. On the mountain, I didn’t even check my phone because I completely forgot it was even there.

Usually, I’m someone who is obsessed with their phone, checking it every five minutes and constantly messaging my friends or uploading on social media. During our stay at Molzbachhof I roughly spent only about one hour a day on my phone  – I simply could not be bothered to upload in-between hiking, reading and enjoying a relaxing in their lovely garden.

And it was absolutely what I needed. The hotel was so inviting and relaxing, with its natural pool outside and all that wooden furniture inside. I felt like the close proximity to nature and emphasis on slowing-down kind of woke me up from my social media addiction and showed me that, in fact, I do not need to check my phone all day every day to have a good time.

The Molzbachhof – HOTEL REVIEW

Our Room

We were given a rather spacious room, with a big bathroom, a super comfortable twin bed and, my favourite, a sitting corner right at the window. Once we entered the room we both immediately headed to said corner and uttered our happiness about that space. Needless to say, we spent about 90% of our time in the room chilling on there, watching the sun set behind the mountains. Furthermore, we had a really nice balcony with a garden view that we used for tanning. We probably wouldn’t have needed that big a room as we spent most of our time outdoors, however, it felt really nice to start off our days on the road with a room this nice and spacious.

The cool thing about the new part of the hotel, the Holzbach, is made completely out of wood – with no glue, nails or screws. This means it is absolutely free from chemicals. Definitely one of a kind and perfectly reflects the natural, regional and traditional vibes of the area.

Cook the Gart’l Breakfast and Dinner

Vivi already talked a bit about the delicious food in her hotel review, however, I want to add a few words on it too. Because, believe me when I say it was absolutely delicious. With every dish they served you could see how much effort and love they put into creating it and how much they prided themselves on serving us their Cook the Gart’l menu – vegan edition. My favourite was the carrot-mushroom dish you can see on the pictures. So picturesque and also very much delicious.

Feel the Gart’l Spa Treatments and Switching Off

Another highlight at the Molzbachhof for sure was the Feel the Gart’l Spa Treatment we were kindly surprised with. It started off with a bath that consisted of a mud and herb scrub made from fresh herbs from their garden and a 20-minute relax time covered with delicious scents and a warming water-bed. At first I was really anxious about not being able to switch off. After a few minutes, however, I fell asleep and only woke when my time was over and the lights were turned on again. After, we both were given a 25 minute massage with selected herb oils and focus on the areas that needed work. Whenever I get a massage I realize what a 90-year-old I really am, with back pain that I really shouldn’t have at my age – haha


Have you ever accidentally been on a digital detox? And what do you think about this charming hotel? Doesn’t it sound utterly lovely?

A special thank you goes out to the Molzbachhof team for welcoming Miss Getaway and Vanillaholica as guests and treating us so well. The opinion expressed in this post is, as always, 100% my own! 




  1. 5th August 2017 / 4:44 pm

    It looks so picturesque! I think a digital detox is always a great idea. We get way too engrossed in our phones for too much of our time! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • 7th August 2017 / 9:39 am

      Couldn’t agree more x

    • 7th August 2017 / 9:38 am

      The whole experience was dreamy. So good to switch off from time to time x

  2. 6th August 2017 / 10:27 am

    Hallo Kerstin,
    ja, sieht wirklich toll aus, und auch die Landschaftsfotos gefallen mir sehr.
    Die Digital Detox Geschichte find ich überhaupt gut. So ein Ambiente, wie du es da beschreibst, bietet auch so viel zum Genießen und Entspannen, da fehlt das Handy wahrscheinlich gar nicht.
    Jetzt nachdem ich dir fertig geschrieben hab, klapp ich auch gleich den Laptop zu und hör mir den Regen am Fenster an und genieß die kühle, frische, gut riechende Luft :)
    Ciao Markus

    • 7th August 2017 / 9:38 am

      Oh das hört sich traumhaft an. Manchmal muss man sich einfach eine kleine Auszeit gönnen und sich von der Online Welt abschotten. Hab einen tollen Start in die neue Woche :)

  3. 6th August 2017 / 1:37 pm

    This place looks amazing and that food is incredible!

    • 7th August 2017 / 9:37 am

      oh yes, it most certainly was incredible x

    • 7th August 2017 / 8:24 pm

      Musst du dir wirklich gönnen! :)

  4. 7th August 2017 / 11:47 pm

    Wow, I really love the impressions :) So amazing :)

    Liebste Grüße, Berna von paapatya’blog

    • 8th August 2017 / 8:35 am

      Thank you so much Berna x

    • 8th August 2017 / 8:35 am

      Danke dir für das liebe Feedback :)

  5. 8th August 2017 / 9:09 am

    Wow der Ausblick (im ersten Bild) ist einfach ein traum.
    generell ist die Landschaft einfach zum niederknien.
    Ich finde aber auch, dass der Interiorstyle wundervoll ist, ich mag dieses zeitlose, rustikale sehr.
    So ein Digital Detox sollte ich mir auch mal gönnen.

    alles Liebe deine Amely Rose

    • 8th August 2017 / 12:06 pm

      Ja stimmt mir gefällt das auch sehr gut :)

  6. 8th August 2017 / 1:51 pm

    What a beautiful place! It looks relaxing and the food looks absolutely delicious.

    • 9th August 2017 / 11:41 am

      The food was so good x

  7. 8th August 2017 / 8:09 pm

    This looks amazing! So peaceful and removed from the grid. We actually just went on a digital detox in Europe lately, because we chose not to have service while there – so no texts, calls, and only wifi in cafes. I didn’t realize how much I would love it, but the break from the constant phone checking and being ‘connected’ was much needed!

    • 9th August 2017 / 11:40 am

      I absolutely understand that! We’re so obsessed with our phones – taking a break can be a beautiful feeling x

  8. 10th August 2017 / 8:35 pm

    Das sieht nach einer so tollen, entspannten Zeit aus! Mag die Bilder sehr!


    • 11th August 2017 / 8:28 am

      Es war wirklich super schön. Dankesehr :)

  9. 11th August 2017 / 11:45 am

    ich glaube, dass war bestimmt der perfekte ort dafür – die landschaften mal ohne handy genissen :(
    ich verbringe leider viel zu viel zeit am handy – immer schauen wo was passiert u leider bin dann auch oft zu viel abgelenkt um etwas überhaupt richtig zu genissen :(
    glg katy

    • 12th August 2017 / 10:41 am

      Das kenne ich – in der Natur kann man jedoch am besten abschalten x

  10. 26th September 2017 / 8:33 am

    Sieht sehr toll aus – dort lässt es sich sicher gut detoxen :)
    Nehm ich mir für 2018 auf auf jeden Fall mal vor.

    • 29th September 2017 / 10:03 pm

      Oh das hört sich doch toll an x

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