What a day in my life really looks like

There seems to be a common misconception that the blogger life is so special and exciting. And when you open Instagram and glance only the lovely bits and pieces of one’s day you might certainly think just that. That is why I decided to jot down everything that happens to me throughout a normal work-day and share a typical day in the life of miss getaway with you today. Hope you enjoy and have a laugh at the miserable adulting that I’m pulling off on a day-to-day basis. 

A Day in the Life of Miss Getaway

06:00 a.m. – My alarm goes off and I immediately curse myself for having placed the phone so far from bed, forcing me to get up asap.

06:10 a.m. – I slouch into the kitchen and pour me my first coffee of the day. I dream of a lovely barista latte, complete with a heart on my milk foam but all I’m getting is a bit of fresh brew from my french press with a splash of almond milk to start the day.

06:30 a.m. – Enter bathroom: I get ready for the day and drink my coffee while doing so. Procrastinating whenever I can. Midway through getting ready I realize that short hair is so much more effort in the morning. Why’d I cut it again? Ugh past Kerstin is so annoying.

07:00 a.m. – I’m almost ready to go but realize that I do not really like my outfit and need to change. Again. Now that’s a total of three outfits tried on on a monday morning. In the end, I opt for the first option. Well….

07:20 a.m. – I leave the house to walk to work with another cup of coffee in my hand to get me to work safely and hopefully wake me up in the next half hour.

07:30 a.m. – I see two dogs chasing a squirrel in the park, stop to watch them and ponder about the fact that we do not deserve dogs. Too pure!

07:40 a.m. – I want to get myself a cinnamon bun for breakfast. At the checkout, they tell me you cannot pay with your card here. So I stomp off, annoyed and hungry.

08:00 a.m. – Finally at work, I make myself a cup of tea, put my earphones in and start working.

10 a.m – I am starving at my desk, already ate half a package of chewing-gum and desperately wish time will run faster so I can finally head into my lunch break.

11 a.m. – I’m tagged in a funny meme and randomly start laughing out loud at work. Why am I like this?

12 a.m. – FINALLY LUNCH BREAK. As I saw another blogger raving about a new 20€ H&M jumper on Instagram last week I run into town while I’m on my break to check it out. I’m on a shopping ban but duh, that’s only 20 euro. Do not spot the jumper, sadly. What I do finally get, however, is my well-deserved lunch. I sit down with my sandwich and smoothie in the sun and enjoy the time off outside with noone to talk to and no responsibility – if only for a couple of minutes. Then I run back to work again.

1 p.m. – Back to work it is. My friend messages me if I want to meet her for an after-work drink in the evening. I initially scheduled gym for today but am oh-so-happy to meet her. No sports for me today, what a pity.

5 p.m. – The rest of the workday went smoothly. I had two more coffees and was able to work productively due to the bar of chocolate my colleague shared with me. Happily, I venture out into the city again to meet my friend for drinks.

6 p.m. – We talk over a glass of vino until I manage to spill it all over my favourite jumper. Yeah so much for that. We decide to take some snaps for my Instagram but I end up laughing all the way through the shoot and only get 2 nice pictures, one of me laughing like a maniac. But that’s genuine and real, isn’t it?

6.30 p.m. – At home, I decide to head out for a quick sunset run. I witness the most amazing sunset in a while, stop and sit down to take some pictures (certainly not because I’m f*cking out of breath) and then run down the hill again.

8.00 p.m. – After a quick shower I finally make myself something to eat for dinner. As I’m lazy as usual (Cooking for one is no fun) I simply made up a quick pasta that I can take with me to work the next day as well. It’s delicious.

8.30 p.m. – I’m annoyed because I now have to do the dishes before being able to go to bed. Someone wanna sponsor me a dishwasher? haha, no but seriously.

9.00 p.m. – I sit down at my desk and check my e-mails. I reply to the ones that I desperately need to reply to asap and put all the others on my “to-do” shelf, forcing future Kerstin to deal with the work I do not feel like doing today. I check my Instagram, answer to comments. I check my blog, answer to comments. I check my other social media accounts and end up chatting with a friend on WhatsApp.

10.30 p.m. – Finally, I fall into bed, wanting to read a bit before drifting off to sleep. But I see I’ve gotten tagged in more memes and end up aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. WHY!

12.00 p.m. – I force myself to put my phone on my desk so I’ll actually have to get up tomorrow and won’t be late for work. I curse myself because I really wanted to read and how am I ever going to finish that book if I always scroll through social media rather than read?

00.30 a.m. – I remember I need to write down some more things I’ve done in my journal for this post and almost fall asleep doing so. After that, finally go to sleep, thinking about the fact that I forgot to brush my teeth this evening.



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**note: I have written this post a couple of days back, hence also the old photos with long here. I promise new ones with the short hair I’m rocking now will follow very soon!

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