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The past few weeks have been insane. But it is always worth it when something good comes from a stressful week. And what comes from this week is probably one of my favorite projects ever. Scream it out people, because I HAVE RECORDED A PODCAST.

Another Podcast you ask? Yes. I have found myself venturing more and more into the world of podcasts, rather than blog posts and have somehow fallen out of love with the process of blogging itself. I will never give up this magical place of mine here on the net, but I felt like I needed to try something new for me and you, too.

Coffee Blend – An easygoing podcast for everyone struggling through life

A few weeks back I asked my friend Alina if she would be interested in sitting down with a cup of coffee and talk about life while recording it and she immediately was so passionate about the idea, that I haven’t regret asking her ever since. It has been an absolute whirlwind of “oh my god I hate technology” and “fuck I cannot sleep this is so goddamn exciting” and finally sharing the first two episodes with you makes me giddy with excitement.

So grab yourself a cuppa and sit down to hear us rambling about life, discuss contemporary issues and laugh while I awkwardly tell stories in my weird Carinthian accent. 

Episode 00 is a Q&A to introduce the whole Coffee Blend Podcast and get us used to talk in front of a microphone. Episode 01 already ventures into the format that we had planned for the podcast and deals with supporting women and why it’s hard to find genuine female friendship in the 21st century. We’ve also come up with a hashtag to go with this episode, which is #shareloveandcoffee, that encourages you to be nice to each other online and spread some love. So we challenge you to spread the positivity and listen to us. I am so excited and cannot wait to hear what you think about this podcast.

I am genuinely so excited about this new project and cannot wait to share new episodes and stories with you. If you listened to the podcast I would really appreciate it if you’d pop us a message, leave alike, follow us or spread some love and recommend it to a friend.

Listen to the Coffee Blend Podcast:

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