Celebrating Life and Diversity with Lillet

*sponsored content* The sun is slowly setting and coats the landscape in golden light. Your skin is still glowy from the long day in the sun. We’ve made it so far and yet we’re still at the very beginning. I lie down in the warm grass and a smile crosses my lips. You raise your glass, look me in the eyes and toast to us, to friendship, to love, to life and diversity. We’re celebrating life at its very best with the sun painting us gold and the smell of warm summer evenings bedding us in a state of pure bliss and happiness. 

It’s the little things that make life worthwhile. And it’s the little things that we should celebrate – best with a delicious drink complimenting our differences. Here’s to friends, lovers, experience, adventures, goals and new chapters in life. Here’s to us and the little things that make each day the best one yet.

Celebrating Life with Lillet

Fast forward a couple of days. I’m sitting down in the grass again. Clinking my glass again. This time with a good friend. Celebrating both of us making it through university. Her, finally being finished with it for good. Years worth of sweat, tears and hard work, resulting in a title and the need to celebrate the achievement. Me being done with my exams for summer and having passed all of my courses even though I went through a phase that could best be described as some kind of quarter-life change, while exam season was in full spring.

We celebrate the little things. We celebrate life. We celebrate the fact that we’re so different and yet the same.

She’s girly and feminine. Came to our little picnic in a tight white lace dress, curly hair and pointy heels. Her favourite drink consists of either pink berries or rose-water with a dash of White Lillet. She tells me how she’s looking for love. How she’s romantic and wants someone to take her to Paris. We chat about flowers and laugh about how we’re so different from each other and yet still the same.

At first glance, this might not be this obvious. Both our drinks look kinda the same. Mine is a combination of Lillet Rosé and tonic water, though, whereas hers is sweet and lovely. It’s so typical. I’ve always been a gin and tonic kinda girl, whereas my girlfriends tend to opt for sweet and feminine drinks. I cannot deal with rose-water and too much sweetness. Good wine and liquor I live for, though.

Click here to read the column from Lisa’s point of view and find her rather girly drink consisting of sunshine. berries and Lillet White.

While we arrange our drinks and I stuff my face with fresh baguette and humus, we start to discuss how representative this difference in drinks is of both of our personalities. And we celebrate that. We are not only celebrating life that day but also embrace our differences. Because diversity is what makes life much more exciting. We can compliment each other and get inspired by the different aspects of different personalities, social and cultural backgrounds.

My Favourite Lillet DrinkLILLET ROSÉ TONIC

What you need: 

  • 5 cl Lillet Rosé
  • 10 cl Tonic Water
  • Ice Cubes
  • A Slice of Lime + a dash of lime juice


Fill your glass with ice cubes. Add the Lillet Rosé, Tonic Water and a dash of lime juice. Garnish it with a slice of fresh lime and enjoy responsibly.

What’s your favourite Lillet drink? And have you ever realized and celebrated these little differences between you and your friends too?

- In friendly collaboration with Lillet, thank you! -

*Picture Credit: Daniel Eibl


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