Bullet Journal: Worth the hype or an utter waste of time?

Ever since I first talked about starting a bullet journal on the blog and my Instagram, I had been getting questions about how I liked it and if I’d recommend switching from regular planner to bullet journal. So here – finally – is my verdict. Is it worth the hype? Or an utter waste of time? 

My bullet journal journey

I’ve started journaling with an extremely organized bullet journal that contained monthly, weekly and daily spreads as well as habit trackers and a cleaning schedule for the flat. It started off great. I had been motivated and sat down every night to color, write and schedule. It was fun, relaxing and allowed to me to take some time off and unwind.

With time, however, it became more and more of a chore, rather than a relaxing activity. When I went out I forgot it. When I was feeling upset I didn’t feel the inspiration to touch it. When I was at my friends I completely forgot about it and on busy days I started to scribble in it, rather than delicately draw and unwind.

When the new year rolled around I decided to get a “real planner” for my day to day life again. And that was the end of my bullet journal. Or was it? 

How I use my bullet journal now

Truth is, I find a regular pretty planner so much more useful for me. I need something I can scribble in. Something with clear lines and also days that go months into the future for when I’m planning big projects and/or try to find out when I can jet off to a tropical destination. (e.g. never) I need to-do lists and space for thoughts to clear my mind and organize my life.

My bullet journal, however, I still use. Not for to-do lists and a weekly plan. But for writing down thoughts. I have some pages dedicated to a gratitude journal. I write down blog post ideas and poems when they cross my mind. It contains half a novel from the days when demons haunt my head. It contains drawings from when I’m sat at the doctors waiting to be called in. My bullet journal is a normal journal. My safe haven now.

So… is it worth the hype?

Bullet journaling just wasn’t for me. Just not in the way that it’s supposed to be used. The creating of weekly and monthly spreads was exhausting to me and didn’t allow me to plan further than a few days at a time. Also, it troubled me to write down what crossed my mind when it did because often I didn’t have the right pen with me or was in a hurry and couldn’t do it nicely. I wanted to have it all neat and pretty but that stressed me out more than it calmed me down.

I do think bullet journaling is great. And for some it might be the perfect match. For me, it simply didn’t work out, though. I now use my Jo&Judy planner (buy)* again and adore it. My Leuchtturm1917  (buy)**, which I had bought to journal, has become my daily companion for when I want to write something down. And the Tombow watercolor markers (buy)** I had ordered for the journal I now use to mark important dates.

Are you using a bullet journal? Do you like it? Or do you think its overhyped? Let’s discuss in the comments down below. I’m excited to hear how you think about it.


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  • Hahahahahahahaha SAME! Ich war SOOO obsessed am Anfang und wollte alles richtig machen – aber gerade wenn ich dann schreiben wollte, war der richtige Stift nicht mit, etc… und ich fühlte mich schrecklich. Und auch das Erstellen der Spreads war für mich keine Entspannung, sondern Stress und ich habs immer vergessen. Also habe ich es jetzt in ein “normales” Tagebuch umgewandelt, in dem ich machen kann was ich will – und ein paar “schöne” Spreads fürs Aufräumen, eine Bücherliste, Ausgabenliste etc… ganz vorne erstellt. Perfekte Kombi für mich, da ich nicht viele “Daily-To-Dos” habe, die ich mir unbedingt notieren muss. :)

    LG Miriam

  • I started bullet journaling in January and it’s been a nice way for me to relax in the evening and reflect about what I’ve done every day. I like bullet journaling because I tend to forget what I do and I’d like to remember everything. I’ve also left out some days not writing into my journal because I didn’t feel like it but it didn’t stop me from keeping up with my journal. Personally my bullet journal is more of a journal than a planner so I unterstand what you mean when it comes to planning projects and appointments (I use my phone calendar for that).
    Love the fact though that you’re still using your bullet journal more for journaling now, because that’s how I mainly use mine too!

  • Ohh thank you for sharing, I’ve found this so interesting. I’ve seen so many posts and photos about how great bullet journals are but I’m not sure it’s for me – I’m very much a perfectionist and think I would get frustrated easily! And I would also never have the right pen and it would be more stressful than helpful I think. I’m glad you’ve found a way to make it work for you now!


  • Ich benutz ein Bullet Journal seit Anfang 2016 und ich LIEBE es! Ich hab an jedem Monatsanfang mein Standard-Setup (Monatsübersicht, Finanzen, Blogpost-Planner, Habit Tracker und meine Monatsplaylist). Die einzelnen Tage schreib ich dann immer an dem jeweiligen Tag. Für mich funktioniert es super, weil ich nicht wirklich viele Termine habe bzw nicht viel planen muss – es ist eigentlich nur eine große Ansammlung von Todolisten :D
    Wenns an die Gestaltung geht, bin ich aber extrem faul. Ab und zu gibts für Listen mal eine fancy Überschrift, aber sonst wird alles mit nem normalen Kulli und einem Tuschestift gemacht.

    Alles Liebe, Jacky N.

    • Oh ich finde das hört sich so toll! Ich bin ja ein riesen Fan von der Idee eines Bullet Journals aber irgendwie scheint es dann doch nicht meins zu sein. Gerade wenn man viele Termine hat, passts irgendwie nicht so richtig – finde ich zumindest.


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