5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

*sponsored content* When you’re working in a creative business, like blogging, you’ll sooner or later explore your boundaries and get stuck. So today I want to talk about my creative process and show you my five favorite ways to boost your creativity.

I’d personally describe myself as a dreamer. I’ve never really been pragmatic. And I’d always rather read, write or draw than do some calculation or study something by heart. However, creativity isn’t something that’s fixed in our genes. We all can lead creative lives and/or at least explore our creativity a bit have more fun and create awesome stuff! 

5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity


There always will be days when you just feel stuck with no inspiration whatsoever. What helps best is to get some distance from your project and take a break. Whether you need to write an essay for work or are currently working on re-furnishing the house – getting a bit of a distance between you and your creative process will always help you get a fresh perspective and boost your creativity. For bloggers, the best way to do so is to just turn off your phone for a couple of hours. A couple of weeks back, I was feeling so out of touch with my blog and writing. Then I decided things needed to change. I’ve been pursuing phone-free hours, where I simply meet friends and catch up or sit down to read a book. And it helped me immensely with getting new ideas, feeling super inspired and finding a new perspective to look at my work.


I already mentioned reading. That doesn’t mean you always have to sit down and read a novel, though. Sometimes it also helps to just find a cozy place in the house and grab your favorite magazine. For example, I’ve been adoring the Zalando Editorial lately when it comes to fashion inspiration. With the seasons transitioning from winter to spring (my favorite time for fashion, by the way) I’m currently on the lookout for new outfit ideas that go a bit beyond the trusty white shirt and blue jeans combo. Especially the street style category is SUPER inspiring and makes me want to try new things on a regular. Other than editorials and novels, I also love to browse my favorite blogs and catch up on old favorites to see what the others in the business are up to. Share the love and support one another, right!? Also, Pinterest. You just can’t beat Pinterest when it comes to inspiration. 


Exercising your creativity certainly is something that is easier said than done. However, there is nothing that helps more with boosting your creativity than stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things. What about attending a pottery course, listening to an audio book while doing your chores or simply taking your mates to a karaoke bar on a Wednesday night. There are so many ways to be creative and sometimes trying something new will bring back those creative juices just fine.


Maybe you’re feeling out of touch with your creative genius because it all is overshadowed by the same old environment you’ve been working from for the past few weeks? I personally love working from coffee houses or the airport. The constant buzz of people is so inspiring to me and the smell of coffee always makes me more creative than I ever could be when working from home. If you do not like working in public, you might try re-decorating your home office. Print out mood board with your favorite quotes and pictures from Pinterest or your idols. Or clean your workspace and get rid of any unnecessary distraction on your desk.


Oh the great outdoors! I think if I have learned one thing in the past couple of years, it’s how much I need nature to strive and work productively. I always considered myself a city person and thought I’d love living in a tiny NY apartment as long as I’m surrounded by concrete buildings and lots of strangers. However, that’s not true at all. Lately, I’ve realized that nothing inspires and motivates me more than walks through the mountains or woods. The fresh air paired with nothing but the awe-inspiring beauty of nature will instantly boost your creativity and provide you with new, fun ideas and productivity.

What do you do to boost your creativity? Looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks in the comments down below :)

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