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In celebration of the first of October being a praise to the liquid gold that gets me going every morning, I want to take you on a journey of my personal coffee story – from the first sip to own roast. So grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and prepare for a love story that some might consider borderline addiction.

Basic bitches be like, “a PSL to go please!”

Growing up, coffee has always played a big role in my family. It was the smell that greeted me every morning when I left my room and entered the kitchen for breakfast, it was what was offered when the family visited to celebrate birthdays and also what people drank while caring for each other’s loss and tears. Thus, I had ingrained a deep understanding of coffee being more than solely a hot beverage from early childhood on.

Seeing my parents drink coffee in the kitchen before heading to work every morning, was the epitome of adulthood to me. Influenced by too many American teenage dramas, I imagined myself grabbing a Starbucks coffee on the way to the office in my mid-twenties. Little did I know that a journey from vanilla latte with lots of syrup and milk to dark and strong just the way I like my men was ahead of me. And even less would I ever have considered holding my own coffee blend in my hand one day. (Really though – someone pinch me!)

Needless to say, the past ten or so years of coffee consumption have been a rollercoaster of many sorts from me. I went from sugary and sweet to an unhealthy amount of filter coffee that left me shaky and anxious. But it has also initiated this undying love for all things coffee culture – be it cold pressed, slowly dripped, prepared old-school Bialetti-style or a hug in a mug in the form of an oat cappuccino at the coffee-house.

From bean to cup – the story of my own coffee roast “BE BREWTIFUL”

When, at the beginning of the year, J. Hornig asked me whether I would be interested in working together on the secret little project I could not hold my excitement. And finalizing this project with my good friend Lisa from My Café Au Lait, whom – how else – I have met and gotten to know over multiple cups of coffee, made the entire experience even better.

So, for the past few weeks, we have been secretly diving deep into the worlds of coffee. We had learned about the origins of the beans and the way they’re being harvested, as well as the differences between the different kinds of roasts, blends, and beans. We had a guided tour through the roasting facilities in Graz and decided on a blend for our special editions. We ended up deciding on a full and hearty all-arabica blend with a chocolate-y aftertaste. After, we even roasted the entire batch of beans ourselves and watched the raw beans turn into the dark and delicious smelling treat we fuel our bodies with.

Later, we had to come up with a product design and name for our own coffee blend in collaboration with J. Hornig. This is where you came into play, as you decided on Instagram which option to go for. I for one am absolutely happy with the design we picked – it reflects both my and Lisa’s personality perfectly, is fitting for our friendship and also compliments the blend in many ways. Because whereas we are different in so many ways, we both have a heart full of wanderlust and a deep understanding and appreciation for self-love, self-development and the importance of friendships.

I personally found it so interesting to be involved in this from day one to release. It has given me a higher appreciation for the work that you hardly ever appreciate when you drink your hot bean water in the morning or water down your caffeine with lots of milk in the afternoons. But seeing how much effort, thought and work goes into the creation of a special edition like this has impressed me so much. Hint: I had not one but three major breakdowns while trying to come up with a name and design and nearly cried after we had tried our coffee again after weeks because I was so sure it wouldn’t taste as good as I remembered it. Spoiler: it was even better!

BE BREWTIFUL, in friendly collaboration with J. Hornig

The J. Hornig special edition will taste best prepared directly on your stove in a Bialetti or a Portafilter machine. However, Chemex, French Press, and Hario V60 also work perfectly for a delicious coffee moment, enjoyed in the midst of good friends and lively discussions.

BE BREWTIFUL is a celebration of friendship and the moments that you share with your loved ones. It is a praise of coffee culture like we know it in Austria, with a cake and a coffee in the afternoon and a smile on your face. It is more than fuel in the morning – it is fuel for a life worth living and a celebration of the little things.

How, when and where to buy our BE BREWTIFUL coffee special edition

The coffee officially gets launched on the 19th of October and will be up for sale in a limited amount online only from then on. It will be reasonably priced and we will donate all the money we make from the sale for a good cause we both stand behind. You will have to pay upfront and we’ll send you the coffee to your house. We’re so excited to scream this out into the world and share this project with all of you. Because what’s a community, but a colorful ensemble of online friends. So raise your cups, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be in the know on how exactly to buy it when the coffee gets released and let’s drink a cuppa together.

Disclaimer: We decided to donate all the money made from the coffee to the Austrian breast cancer society. Hence, we went for the pink packaging and branding of our “Be Brewtiful” coffee roast. As October is breast cancer awareness month and we, as women, find this cause of great importance, we decided to support them with the money made from our coffee.


  1. Send an e-mail with the subject line “BE BREWTIFUL” to office@missgetaway.com
  2. Payment will be made via Paypal or electronic payment and you will receive all info on shipping and how to pay via an answer mail once you’ve made your order through mail
  3. First come – first serve. As the coffee is limited edition we are assuming it to sell out fast, so better be quick with your order.


  • Price: 9€ per package
  • Limited to two packages per person
  • All revenue made from the coffee will be donated to the “Austrian Breast cancer society”

** thank you so much for this incredible opportunity and amazing collaboration J. Hornig – this truly is a dream come true and I cannot wait for my fellow coffee lovers to explore the taste of BE BREWTIFUL

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