6 Must-Have Apps to up your Instagram Game

Instagram clearly is a science in itself. When I first started my Instagram account it was absolutely unheard of to use a bunch of apps and curate a perfectly styled feed. You just snapped a photo, popped on one of Instagram’s (admittedly horrible) filters and were good to go. With the app massively growing and Influencers becoming more and more professional, you now also need to invest in must-have apps to up your Instagram apps and stand out from the crowd.

I’ve tried various ways of editing my photos and went from mainstream bright and airy to a unique take on Instagram photos in the course of a few years. I now feel like I have finally found a way of editing that feels true to myself. And as I get messages daily about how to up your Instagram game and the way I edit my photos and stories, I thought I’d let you in on the secret and talk you through six must-have apps for Instagram.

Anyways, here are 6 must-have apps to up your Instagram game

UNFOLD… for perfectly styled Instagram Stories

Unfold is probably one of the most used apps for Instagram at the moment. The predesigned layouts make it easy to create a beautiful Instagram story with text and collages. I love using this app when I have heaps of content to share but don’t want to spam my followers in the stories and make it too long and tedious.

HUJI… for that perfect vintage shot

I hardly ever use Huji for my “professional” Instagram feed, but prefer these analog photos for my private account and stories. It’s so much fun to explore the app and be surprised by the filter it applies to your picture because no photo will be the same – just back in the olden days.

LOMOGRAPHY… for retro date stamps and effects

Another app I love using for a bit of a retro/vintage vibe is Lomograph. Here you can add various vintage filters to your photos, as well as create a date stamp in the corners of your shots. It is easy to use and adds another layer of creativity to your shots if you fancy vintage vibes on Instagram.

UNUM… for a styled and curated Instagram feed

Unum is great for planning your Instagram feed in order for it to look cohesive and also gives you the opportunity to plan together with friends. We use UNUM for planning our @coffeeblendpodcast feed because it enables us to be up to date with any change the other person makes.

Lightroom CC… to edit in a coherent way

I used to be a VSCO-girl through and through but recently I have switched to Lightroom to edit my Instagram photos more professionally. Now I have created my own preset and apply it to every picture I post, making slight changes to color and brightness according to what’s featured. I personally am no fan of buying “influencer presets” because where’s the uniqueness if everyone uses the same preset and every picture then looks exactly the same? Let others inspire you but don’t fake it completely.

PHOTOSHOP… for unique effects and edits

Ever since I have implemented my “brush stroke” style into my photos, I receive questions daily on how I achieve this special look. Truth is, I do that with Photoshop CC on my laptop. Here I have bought brushes from Creative Market and use them to draw on my in layers on my pictures, as well as add a frame to them. There also is a Photoshop app for your phone. However, I personally like it more to do this on the Laptop as it’s easier for me to work this way instead of having to paint with my finger on the tiny phone screen.

What are your must-have apps for Instagram? 

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