5 Good Things in December

December is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s when winter is still bearable and I absolutely embrace the perks of wearing huge jumpers all day round. It’s when I still adore the fact that it gets dark early and love walking through the glittering and shimmering Christmas-y streets. So here are 5 good things about December. 

1. Spontaneous trips to the Christmas market for mulled wine and punch

Nothing better than sipping on a hot mulled wine and warming your hands on the mug while talking to friends. It’s one of my all-time favourite things to do in winter, even though most of the time the drinks are way too sweet for me. I love the atmosphere and how it becomes just so casually normal to head out for a drink or two after work.

2.Netflix marathons

In summer I hardly watch TV because I adore trips in nature. However, once the colder season approaches I turn into the binge-watching version of myself again. Currently, I’m really enjoying watching “The Blacklist”. Such a good show. If you have any recommendations for what to watch next, do not hesitate to message me.

3.Waking up in the morning to get up and enjoy a nice piece of chocolate with my coffee

Please remind me, why again do we not have advent calendars all year round? There’s nothing nicer than counting down the days to Christmas with a small piece of chocolate to start the day. Nice!


Do not even get me started on snow. I just love it so much. The atmosphere. The smell. The Christmas cheer it brings out in all humans.


Buying blankets, lighting candles, listening to acoustic versions of my favourite songs while having cookies in the oven and reading a book. The perfect December Sunday in my books. During summer I do not care that much about my living situation but come winter I desperately feel the need to cocoon and make my home cosy.

What are some good things in December that you like?


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