24 facts for 24 years

In light of my twenty-fourth birthday today I thought I’d share 24 facts I’ve learned in the past year(s). More for myself, to look back and remind me that all is well. Sometimes life gets bad in order to fully embrace you in the good. I know the following year won’t be all sunshine and flowers – it hardly ever is. So here’s a list of things to remind myself of when I’m feeling down. Or to inspire you to go out and LIVE, even if you’re in a tough place right now. Hope you enjoy! 

1. We all struggle

2. Losing sight of your goals is the worst you can do to yourself

3. If life never throws you down, you can’t appreciate the good

4. It is often when (and where) you least expect it, that you meet the most incredible people

5. Friends who support you are everything

6. We spend way too much time on our phones. Worrying about social media. Comparing our lives to those of others.

7. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be scary, but it always is worth it

8. You do not need to lose weight to be successful

9. Love is the end goal

10. I really (like REALLY) want a cat

11.  Owning stuff does not make you happy

12. Sometimes being alone is exactly the thing you need to heal

13. Sometimes you need to ask for help and talk it all out

14. If you do not pursue your dreams you will never be happy

15. Kindness comes in different shapes and sizes

16. You can survive

17. Money does not make you happy. Struggling with money, however, is the worst for your mental health

18. It is not your fault

19. You are not where you thought you’d be at 24. You are in a good place, nevertheless

20. I do not want to be an influencer. I do not need a huge following. I want to create and write. I want to express myself and heal. I want this to be a creative outlet. I want to inspire not influence.

21. No suffering. Either you accept your circumstances or you change them.

22. Be bold and courageous

23. We lift by rising others

24. Twenty-four is a pretty darn nice number. Cannot wait to explore, live and love this year. 

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