5 Goals for the Rest of 2018

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end and we’re finally diving into my favorite season. With the days getting shorter and the air getting fresher, my motivation always peaks from mid September to the end of October. It’s the best time of the year because it always makes me feel more “me”. Hence, I have decided to sit down and find 5 goals for the rest of 2018, to make the best of that motivational state I currently find myself in.

5 Goals for the rest of 2018

1. GO TO THE GYM AGAIN: In summer I’m always super active and motivated to live that sporty lifestyle. I’ve gone hiking, swimming, running and also did lots of in- and outdoor yoga. With the weather getting colder, however, I don’t want to force myself outside as much anymore. That is why I have just signed up with a gym again (one is opening near my house in November and that is simply PERFECT). With working from home and the kitten being super annoying when I do yoga in my living room, I am definitely looking forward to leaving the house once a day and powering through a workout. Also, let’s be real here – I have gained almost five kilos due to going off the pill and definitely want to shred that again.

2. FIND A ROUTINE THAT WORKS FOR ME: With me now working full-time on my own business and the blog, as well as going back to uni in October, I am now facing the challenge of finding a work-uni-life balance that works in my favor. Working from home is amazing, but it can also lead to being less productive, as you can easily just switch from your desk to the couch and suddenly you find yourself watching five episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, instead of working on a project. Also, I haven’t studied for a long time as I had worked full-time for a year after finishing my bachelor’s degree, so that will certainly be a change too. But I’m positive that I can do that and have a wonderful life on the side.

3. TACKLE MY SKIN ISSUES: My skin has been the worst lately. As I’ve gone off the pill about two months ago, it got worse rather than remarkably better. So now I’m really trying to get a grip on that with a new skin care routine, probiotics, and a hopefully better diet. I’ll keep you updated on that as I always get so many questions on Instagram and hope I can soon spill my secret weapon – if I find one that is, haha.

4. BE CONSISTENT WITH MY JOURNALING: In August I had bought a new bullet journal and I’ve been consistently using it almost every day ever since. I use it for gratitude journaling, setting goals, brainstorming, and habit trackers, as well as to organize work projects and keep an eye on my finances. It’s been really helpful as of late, so I really want to keep that going and add a few pages for my uni progress too.

5. DON’T COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS SO MUCH: One thing I struggle with, especially in summer, is comparing myself to others and diminishing my own life in the process. I compare my travels, my success and my life to those I see online and instantly feel bad after. So I have made it my goal to stop comparing myself so much and finally appreciating what I have, do and am for good.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  • Hey Kerstin, I kind of didn’t like autumn and the changing of the weather as the years comes slowly but surely to an end. Nethertheless, I think you’re right in what you like about autumn and finally snuggling up in the warm whilst it’s cold outside is what I like even more than being in the sun and only wearing dresses…
    However there are three things I wanted to ask you and you might consider writing a blog post about it?
    Why did you go off the pill and what do you do now?
    What routine did you find or establish ?
    Could you share you’re bulleting, how you do it, what you write about etc.
    Thanks & I love reading you blog.

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