19 Signs You Really Are Becoming An Adult

Remember my “7 Honest facts about adult life” post? Well, since that one was quite popular with you guys and so much fun to write, I thought I’d do another one. And a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine about how much we had changed since high-school. She told me she found it fascinating how excited I always get about good wine, fancy cheese, and new furniture. So I immediately had to type down a few adult things I’m definitely guilty of doing.

19 Signs You Really Are Becoming An Adult, Yes YOU

  1. You own house plants. Yes, they might only be cacti but that’s only semantics.
  2. You get drunk on wine instead of cheap vodka.
  3. Speaking of vodka, you only ever drink it in a fancy cocktail rather than in shots.
  4. You’d much rather stay in and have dinner with friends than go out and get drunk.
  5. Sometimes you watch documentaries. For fun (!!)
  6. Occasionally, you go out for dinner. And it’s not Burger King but some really fancy restaurant with more than one set of cutlery on the table.
  7. And you actually know how to use the cutlery at fancy dinners. Yay, much adult!
  8. You love grocery shopping.
  9. There’s a calendar sitting on your desk and you fill it with REAL appointments.
  10. You bought your friend a nice card just to make them feel good.
  11. You enjoy eating seafood, cheese, avocado, and other fancy food stuff. Man, let the dinner invitations come!
  12. Most of your money goes into paying bills rather than candy, sequin tops, and Eristoff Ice.
  13. The thought of a new kitchen appliance or furniture makes you giddy with excitement.
  14. Board Games are fun!
  15. You stopped uploading heaps of pictures to Facebook after a wild night out
  16. Classical music becomes something you like and listen to voluntarily. Because you realize that it’s actually quite GOOD, grasp!
  17. You cook your own meals. And it’s not just pizza from the freezer.
  18. You make your own appointments. And you “regularly” go to the doctors for a check-up.
  19. The emails you get aren’t just newsletters from your favourite online stores but actual business emails. Much important, WOW!

19 Signs You Really Are Becoming An Adult


Are you guilty of any of these things? Are you already a full-grown adult or barely adulting? And hey, what’cha think of more list posts? Fun or nah?

Love, Kerstin 

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