10 Happy Things Right Now

Ahhhh, Sunday morning. My favourite time of the week. Slow starting the day with a hot cup of coffee, my favourite playlist coming from the laptop, sitting down on my window sill and writing down happy things from last week. 

A couple of weeks back I bought a new fancy notebook and while thinking what to use it for, I decided to use it as some kind of gratitude journal. My happy place so to say. A place to fill with all those moments that made me feel happy and loved to browse through at times when I’m not feeling so well. So I’ve made it my Sunday morning routine to sit down with my morning coffee, put on a good playlist and journal. Today I want to share 12 happy things with you – twelve of the things that put a smile on my face in the past week.

* My new hair. Absolutely love it. David from FRISE in Graz did such an amazing job and I’m so happy I finally got out of my comfort zone and went to see a hairdresser.

*Anticipating the big road trip that’s due to start tomorrow.

*Finding little love letters in-between my sticky notes while working on my paper.

*Catching up with old friends and finding that even though we hardly ever see each other, we still can talk about everything at all times.

*Waking up and realising that, even though I have no idea where life is taking me, I’m really happy right now.

*Going shopping and fitting in a Size S pant. On that note; feeling *very* confident with my body at the moment.

*Hiking, nature and finally visiting the Grüner See in Tragöß, a place that I’ve been dying to go to for ages.

*Asking my grandma to cook me one of my favourite childhood meals and seeing her being so utterly happy to accommodate me.

*Friendly strangers who helped me get to uni almost dry when the rain suddenly started and I didn’t bring an umbrella.

*Seeing my friends succeed with things they believe in. Such as Jaci who started streaming a couple of weeks back and seems to be loving it.

*Coming back home to Graz and finding that my plants are still alive. Because, oh boy, do I fear them dying every damn time I’m leaving.

*Baby goats. Nothing cuter than baby goats. Fight me on that!

Now it’s up to you. What’s putting a smile on your face right now? Let’s talk happy things in the comments below.

*Photo 1 & 2 Credit: Daniela Poschauko

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